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The pro physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is staffed by Senior Chartered and IAP registered Physiotherapists with many years of experience who are dedicated to providing you as an individual with a positive experience of healthcare.

Our physiotherapists specialize in the treatment of back and neck pain, sports injuries, joint problems, neurological and respiratory conditions and are capable of providing tailored rehabilitation plans aimed at returning you to your previous levels of function where possible. You can read more about these on our treatment pages.

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Pro Physiotherapy Physiotherapists can assess a person’s physical abilities (strength and all joints range of movement) and the person’s cardio vascular abilities to minimize the risk of injury when starting a new job or exercise program. The physiotherapist can prescribe a plan for progressive resistance exercises to strength all muscle groups so that the person can perform to best of their abilities, reach personal goals and not have any injury setbacks reaching their goals.


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Dr. Miral B Nanavati

Dr. Miral B Nanavati

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A Very Good physio who studies the details of injuries and treatment well and provide you a very personal and right method to gain back strength and movement.

Randhir Kumar

Mazumdar, A really good physiotherapist and upon that he is a great human being Really polite and friendly and helping nature. He gives very good treatment.

Dr Majumdar has been my family’s physiotherapist for many years. He is committed, friendly, optimistic, and very hard working. Excellent Physio!! Takes personal interest.

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Physiotherapy is an important part of your rehabilitation. Techniques such as exercise, manipulation, massage, skills training and electrical treatment are used to help you heal and recover your movement. The main focus of physiotherapy after your stroke is to help you learn to use both sides of your body again and regain as much strength and movement as possible.Pro Physiotherapy is the Best Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

Neurophysiotherapy is a type of physiotherapy designed to treat problems that originate within the brain, and it is important that you receive this for at least part of your recovery. A neurophysiotherapist is trained to understand and treat the changes caused by neurological conditions (ones that affect the nervous system, including stroke).

Where therapy will take place will depend on how severe your stroke is and how your local rehabilitation services are organised. If you were admitted to hospital following your stroke, your physiotherapy will begin there with exercises in bed and moving around on the ward. Once you are ready, you should progress to more active sessions, which you will probably receive in a rehabilitation area or special physiotherapy gym.Pro Physiotherapy is the Best Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.

Physiotherapists often work with other members of the stroke team to make sure they can help with the range of problems that stroke can cause. The team may consist of occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, doctors, nurses and social workers (plus other specialists).This team is called the multidisciplinary stroke rehabilitation team.

There are many ways to do this. You will work on a one-to-one basis with a physiotherapist, particularly on the tasks and the movements you are just learning to do. You may also work with a physiotherapy assistant, in a group, or have tasks and activities for you to practise on your own outside of therapy sessions.Pro Physiotherapy is the Best Physiotherapist in JP Nagar.