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The pro physiotherapy clinic in Bangalore is well equipped and  staffed by top  and physiotherapy assication (IAP) registered Physiotherapists with minimum 5 years of clinical experience and  are comited to provide best quality services to for the best outcome in  you as an individual with a positive experience of physiotherapy.

Pro physiotherapy clinic in Bangalore, physiotherapists are highly skilled in the treatment of various injuries in orthopaedic conditions, sports injuries,  pain management, joint problems, neurological , geriatric conditions and respiratory conditions and are capable of providing individualized rehabilitation programs to make you better to your previous levels of function as musch possible. You can read more about our physiotherapists in ‘Service page’. 

Physiotherapy clinic in Bangalore
Pro Physiotherapy clinic in Bangalore


Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore,  our Physiothpists can do proper assessment of a  peron’s physical abilities (like strength and all joint range of motion) and also to minimize the risk of injury when starting a new session/ case, assessment of cardiovascular st abilities also very important, our physiotherapists does it properly. The Pro physiotherapy clinic’s physiotherapists can plan for progressive resistance exercises by using various modalities to strengthen all muscle groups so that, the patient can reach to the goals, without having any injuries during the exercises by performing his best. 

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The best physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy clinic who thoroughly asses the details of problems and treat  well and provide you a very professional and right way to get back strength and normal movement.

Randhir Kumar

Mazumdar, A really the best physiotherapist and moreover, he is a good human being, Really polite and friendly , very professional & helping nature. He gives best treatment.


Physiotherapist Dr Mazumdar has been my family’s physiotherapist for many years. He is committed, friendly,  and very hard working. Excellent pro Physio!! Takes personal interest . we would definitely recommend him.  




Geriatric & Pain Management

Dr. Miral B Nanavati

Dr. Miral B Nanavati

Sports & Paediatric Rehabilitation



Post Surgical & Stroke Rehabilitation


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Physiotherapy is an integral  part of any type of physical rehabilitation one or the otherway. Physiotherapists uses various techniques like manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, dry needling, etc. All these techniques are very much helpful to heal you and to improve your overall conditions like strength, movement etc. After stroke, physiotherapists as a part of rehabilitation focus on you to help you to regain your strength and to improve your effected side to recover as normal as posible by using techniques to to make you learn to use both side of the body equally.  Pro Physiotherapy in Bangalore is the Best Physiotherapy clinic.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore.

Neurophysiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy mainly deals the problems that origin from the brain, and the nervous system. Physiotherapy is very important to help you to recover from any neurological conditions. Our Neurophysiotherapists are well trained to assessment and understanding the changes that happens by any neurological conditions (which affects the nervous system, including Parkinson Disease, stroke, etc).

Physiotherapists helps the patient to recover from  neurological  patients from ICU or from total bedridden position , they give physiotherapy in hospital setup, again once the patient back to home physiotherapists provide home care services to help the patient to recover their best by means of various physiotherapy techniques and modalities. Sometimes after discharging from hospitals patient those who are able manage to go to near by physiotherapy rehabilitation centres they can take physiotherapists services from there .Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore is the Best Physiotherapy Clinic.

Physiotherapists also work with other health care professional in the  the neurorehabilitation team to overcome the problems cause by the neurological conditions.