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How To Realign Your Neck To Reduce Neck Pain?

Alignment and Neck Pain. Physiotherapy service for neck pain, alignment.

The neck is comprised of seven small individual bones known as the cervical spine. The neck bones are arranged in a pattern that fully supports the head. A delicate ( lordotic )curvature must be maintained at all times.

This allows a clear tunnel for the passage of the vital spinal cord and the parallel important nerves. The spinal cord ( actually the continuity of the brain only) travels through the center of the neck bones from the brain while the nerves exit the cord between these spinal bones.

A jarring motion, muscle tension, or an improper sitting posture with a jutting chin (sometimes can cause disc bulge, slip disc ) cause a loss of the curve or block the curve which restricts the opening between these neck bones.

It can result in irritation to the nerves and blood vessels that pass between them. It also can interfere with nerve transmission and blood supply vital to body function.

Restoring good alignment by releasing the tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones can help alleviate neck pain. When the neck cervical spine is 3 degrees to 5 degrees extended, we can say it is the optimum neck alignment.

Physiotherapist played a vital role to do alignment of the cervical spine by manual therapy such as manual traction, stretching of the tight sorrounding muscles of the neck and strengthening the weak muscles.

Even osteopathy can help in the alignment of the cervical spine which can help to reduce the neck pain.

With that to reduce the pain Physiotherapists used many electrotherapy modalities such as Ultrasonic therapy, IFT, TENS therapy, intermittent cervical traction etc .

To strengthen the neck muscles the uses the resistance band, soft medicine ball or manually free ROM exercises, isometric exercises .

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Written by Swetha A.N. Physiotherapist.

Master In Physiotherapy (MPT).

Highly skilled physiotherapist, special interest in pediatric, geriatric, women health, and sports physiotherapy. A great manual therapist to fix neck ( cervical) and back (lumber) alignment.

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