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Try New Concept In Treating Tendonitis-TNT.

Many factors increase the risk of tendonitis and other tendon injuries. Physios near me by Pro Physiotherapy can help to fix tendonitis and tendon injury by using various modalities and techniques.

Don’t overdo it:- drastically increasing your activity in one movement especially can produce muscle fatigue and inflammation of tendons. Keep Muscles flexible:- Exercising with tight muscles puts extra stress on tensions.

Warming up, stretching, before exercising and stretching again afterward can help protect tendons. Be more careful as you grow older:- Starting in your thirties, tendons gradually lose elasticity and become brittle.

It’s more important to gradually increase your activity or exercise program. Develop the right technique:- an improper backhand for instance can increase strain on the muscles and tendons.

Tendons and muscles must work harder when they are working at a biomechanical disadvantage where there are alignment problems, for instance, leg length differences, knock knees, slouched shoulders, etc.

We at Pro Physiotherapy, with ultrasonic therapy, IFT, cold therapy, heat therapy, stretching, and strengthening, apply a treatment technique that is really the most effective, proven way to improve tendinitis. As by giving full rest or by doing an active lifestyle, to improve the tendinitis is difficult.

Some time it resists the other form of treatments or sometimes it reoccurs. Finally, after lots of research by using different methods in different patients we came to know that the most effective treatment for Tendonitis, TNT-Tendon Neuroplastic Training.

This technique helps to balance between excitation and inhibition of motor control at the area of the brain (motor cortex) that controls the muscle which is not properly functioning causing tendinopathy. In TNT, using a metronome to add external pacing to improve motor control at the brain ( motor cortex ) level and help to restore balance.

Until recently, we were using only eccentric exercises to do tendon rehabilitation. Many physiotherapists are continuing the same treatment techniques for tendon rehab.

I am not urging or doubting the role of eccentric exercises in tendon rehab but that is not enough to improve or avoid the recurrence of tendonitis. To reduce pain, building strength, and loading capacity with eccentric exercises, isometric exercises are very important.

TNT is a combination of eccentric and isometric exercises with adding external pacing by using the metronome to balance the inhibition and excitation of the motor control of the muscles at the motor cortex level. To know more about TNT connect the best physios near Bangalore by Pro Physiotherapy.

Written by J Mazumdar, Physiotherapist.

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