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Tips to reduce large breast size which causes many troubles!

Tips to reduce large breast size which causes many troubles? Female physiotherapist near me at Pro Physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy plays a key role to help to reduce large breast size which causing many problems like neck pain, backaches, numbness in the fingers.
It can be a cause of breathlessness, headache, difficulties in sitting on the floor, difficulties in performing aerobic exercises.
Extremely large breast size can cause changes in the anatomical structure due to excess weight on the chest region.
Many women are suffering from the above-mentioned problems for a long time but not able to find the real cause of their problems or miss diagnosed.
As a physiotherapist, we noticed many lactating women also frequently complaining about neck pain, backaches, and tingling sensation in the fingers of the hand.
As the age progresses with large breast women naturally their shoulder squeeze forward which causes compression on the certain blood vessels and nerves passing through the thoracic outlet. As a result, it may cause thoracic outlet syndrome; symptoms like pain around the neck, shoulders, weakness, numbness, and coldness in the fingers.
Physiotherapy helps in this case of extremely larger breast size in different ways like;
To reduce the pain.
Through proper ergonomic training.
To reduce the larger breast size by customized exercises for a particular patient. Contact best physiotherapist near me in Bangalore-female at Pro Physiotherapy.

Other forms of treatments also help with physiotherapy like weight reduction, diet, pain medication as the first line of action. Sometimes breast reduction surgery is recomeneded if physiotherapy exercises, ergonomic changes don’t help.
Here we will tell you some exercises (physiotherapy) which can help you to reduce extremely large breast size, electrotherapy to reduce pain, and ergonomics to avoid developing the problems.
To reduce the pain physiotherapist can use IFT, Ultrasonic therapy, TENS, SWD, etc.
Once the pain is better or even those who don’t develop pain or any other symptoms but having extremely large breasts, physiotherapists will start exercise therapy like strengthening exercises along with breathing exercises.

Top physiotherapist near me in Pro Physiotherapy.

1. Chest Press.

2. Shoulder Press.

3. Wall Push-Ups.

4. Dumbbell Pullover.

5. Side Raises.

6. Push Up

7. Anterior Front Raise

8. Chest Fly

9. Shoulder Shrugs

10. Upright Row.
Along with this, it’s very important to improve the neck and back muscle strength, for that you need to do certain exercises.
For neck (cervical) region:

1. Isometric Extension,

2. Isometric Flexion,

3. Isometric Side Band,

4. Wall Posture.

5. Cervical Retractions.

To strengthen the upper back

1. External Rotation & Scapular Retraction.

2. Superman.

Mid Back Strengthening:

Corner Push Outs.

Ergonomic Changes:

1. Avoid forward bending as much as possible.

2. Avoid leaning forward to lift an object from the ground, instead bend one knee and lift the object.

3. Avoid shoulder roll forward position.

4. Sitting in front of the computer, keep your elbow in a supported position, knee 90-degree bending, and feet in a neutral resting position on the floor.

5. Don’t reach any object from a far distance by stretching your upper extremities.
Along with this, regularly go jogging for at least 15 to 25 minutes.

Disclaimer: Information provided on the site is for education purposes only, and doesn’t substitute for professional medical advice.

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