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Do You Know Physiotherapy Can Help In Industrial Injuries?

Industrial Injuries & Worker’s Compensation. Connect Pro Physiotherapy Hospital in Bangalore.

When you have been injured on the job, it’s critical to promptly seek out the medical care that you need, to get the diagnosis and treatment that’s required to properly heal. Being seen by your doctor and your physical therapist, after you have been injured at work also provides the medical records that you need, to support your worker’s compensation claim, allowing you to receive all of the benefits that you are legally entitled to.

Many different kinds of injuries can occur at work, causing at a minimum, serious pain and discomfort. When a workplace injury is relatively minor or moderate in severity, you may experience problems like aches, numbness, and inflammation in your arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, neck, or back, making routine daily tasks like typing on your computer extremely challenging. On the other hand, you may be facing the worse-case-scenario: a complete inability to function, caused by a serious workplace injury that has affected your ability to walk, move, pivot, bend, pull, push, hold, carry, throw, lift, sit or stand, as required by your job.

Your primary care physician or workers’ compensation case manager may provide a referral for physical therapy treatment with us, to help you heal and recover from your injury, so you can return to your regular work assignment, and your regular activities, as soon as your doctor permits. Regardless of the cause or severity of your workplace injury, our physical therapy team can provide the treatment and rehabilitation that’s required to restore your mobility and level of functioning, to the fullest extent possible.

Your physical therapist will develop a plan of care for you, in collaboration with your primary care physician, after fully evaluating your condition. Common physical therapy treatments for acute and chronic pain and mobility issues, arising from occupational, industrial, or workplace injuries, which you may receive, include manual therapy, ultrasound therapy, hot/cold therapy, therapeutic exercise, nerve stimulation therapy, therapeutic massage, and aquatic therapy, in some cases.

A wide range of injuries and discomforts may arise at the workplace, such as ankle sprains, back sprains, back strains, bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, head injuries, knee sprains, knee strains, muscle tension, neck sprains, neck strains, nerve damage/neurological problems, numbness, repetitive stress injuries, ruptured spinal discs, trauma from being crushed by an object, trauma from being struck by an object, whiplash, and injuries from slips and falls.

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