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What Do You Know About Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Program?

Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Program by the best physiotherapy centre in Bangalore – Pro Physiotherapy.

Our sports medicine & physical therapy program provides pain relief, healing, and recovery for patients with sports-related injuries and diseases. Your primary care physician or orthopedic may refer you for treatment under this program or you can come directly when you suffer from sports-related physical trauma, a sports-related repetitive injury, a sports-related degenerative disease, or after you’ve undergone surgery for a sports-related injury.

Your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan for your recovery, helping to reduce your pain and restore a full range of motion where your sports injury, disease, or discomfort resides. As a sports medicine physical therapy patient, you may receive treatments such as hot/cold therapy, kinesiotaping, manual therapy, nerve stimulation therapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic massage, or therapeutic ultrasound.

Therapeutic exercise is an important component of our sports medicine and physical therapy program, incorporating a variety of exercises that target areas such as the upper body, torso, lower back, hips, knees, and legs. The physical activity that you participate in during therapy depends on your condition, tolerance level, and stage of recovery, and may include any of the following exercises: 6D lunges, 6D push-ups, abdominal lifts, abdominal matrix, AP lunges, calf stretches, corner stretches, cross over drill, flexors/extensors stretches, knee-to-chest, planks, pronation/supination, single-leg balance, and scapular short arcs

Aquatic therapy (also known as hydrotherapy or water therapy) may also be included in your treatment program, since exercising in water provides the benefit of shock absorption, reducing the level of stress on your body. Circulation is also improved and swelling is also reduced in aquatic therapy, as a result of the warm water environment and hydrostatic pressure that acts on the body while exercising.

Sports injuries negatively affect the body’s musculoskeletal system (ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, etc.) and are frequently the result of improper physical conditioning, improper physical training, or improper exercise. Sports injuries may also be the result of repetitive stress damage to the soft tissues, which frequently occurs in baseball pitchers, tennis players, golfers, and bowlers. Common sports injuries include dislocations, fractures, knee injuries, shin splints, sprains, strains, swollen muscles, and tennis elbow.

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