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Women’s Health

Women’s Health : Pro physiotherapy provides the best lady physiotherapist in Jayanagar for female patients.

There are several physical therapy modalities that may benefit women, who suffer from chronic pain caused by conditions or diseases in the female breasts, female reproductive system, or female hormonal system, in addition to those suffering from acute pain caused by events such as childbirth or female reproductive system surgery, all of which may be classified as women’s health issues.

Treatment by best lady physiotherapist in Jayanagar.
A common modality used to treat chronic pain arising from women’s health issues is myofascial release, a type of soft tissue therapy. This type of treatment diminishes muscle soreness, eases muscle tension, reduces muscle spasm, and decreases inflammation, while increasing mobility, by applying different hands-on muscle relaxation and muscle stretching techniques, with treatments lasting from 15 minutes to over an hour.

Another physical therapy method used to treat chronic pain associated with women’s health issues is ultrasound therapy, also known as therapeutic ultrasound. Not to be confused with diagnostic ultrasound, therapeutic ultrasound can help alleviate your pain and accelerate healing in your body, through the deep tissue heating effect and increased blood flow that this type of therapy provides.

There are locations on the body, however, where therapeutic ultrasound should not be used, including near areas with malignant tumors, near areas with plastic implants, over areas with broken skin or lesions, or near the eyes, breasts, or sexual organs. Therapeutic ultrasound should also be avoided in the pelvic region and lower back when women are pregnant or menstruating, as well as for those wearing pacemakers.

Injuries, diseases, or discomforts such as endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, lymphedema, mastectomy pain, menstrual problems, painful intercourse, pelvic floor pain, pudendal nerve entrapment, reproductive surgery, and vulvodynia, may all be responsible for chronic pain in the female body, in varying degrees of frequency and intensity. Regardless of where your pain is occurring, our women’s health physical therapy program can often provide the relief that you need, helping to reduce your chronic pain, while increasing your level of physical activity.

Please contact us if you would like more information about women’s health and physical therapy. Pro physiotherapy provides best lady physiotherapist in Jayanagar, Bangalore for home visit.

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