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Ergonomic design for computer workers. Pro Physiotherapy Clinic near me in Jayanagar Bangalore

8 Steps To Improve Ergonomics for computer workers.

Ergonomic design for computer workers. Pro Physiotherapy Clinic near me in Jayanagar, Bangalore also provides office ergonomic facilities for MNCs.
The main purpose of designing ergonomic for computer users is to minimize the stress and strain on the spine, which comes during prolonged working in the same posture, to keep everything easily accessible and in the reachable distance which in turn reduces fatigue and significantly to correct posture.
Monitor/ screen
The computer screen should be placed at a comfortable height i.e. eye level
Distance from monitor to chair should be an arm’s length i.e. 20-25’’ far
The font, texts, and characters on the monitor should not be too small in size.

The chair should have a backrest for back support and should be upright.
It should include a footrest too.
Height should be adjusted according to the desk.
Armrest in the chair allows occasional resting of the arm and reduces fatigue of the hand.

Should be placed such that it is close enough to be easily reachable by the wrist and also wrist can be relaxed.
The symmetrically shaped mouse is better to use than a curved mouse.

Should be close enough to the wrist to avoid frequent moving of the wrist.

Things like phones, notepad which are frequently used should be kept near.

Should not be very bright or too dim
Should be quiet and comfortable. The temperature should be adjusted.

Back- the 3 curves of the spine should be supported by a chair and should be aligned.
Elbow-should is at a 90degree angle and resting on the chair’s armrest.
Wrist – should be flat and able to reach keyboard and mouse.
Neck – should not be bent too forward and downward.
Knee- should be at a 90-degree angle with respect to the hip.
Feet –cross leg sitting should be avoided, feet should be flat on the floor or footrest.

Break time/gap
The break should be taken after every 30-45 minutes of Continuous computer use.
Eye break should be taken after every 15mints. Look 20ft away from the computer screen after continuous work.

Stretch your back by bending forward and backward.
Shrug your shoulder a few times.
Stretch your wrist, hand, and neck.

Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore helps the clients by changing the sitting posture so that they can maintain their optimal health and perform system work better.

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