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Important Things To Know About The Sciatica Nerve Symptoms.

Know more about Sciatic Nerve Symptoms (Sciatica) .
The sciatic nerve runs through the tiny yet powerful muscle called piriformis, deep in your glutes.

This helps agilely rotate your hips. It is the biggest single nerve in human body. Sciatica is a general type of pain that affects the sciatic nerves.

Sciatica frequently distress only one side of your lower body.

Do you know what the sciatic nerve symptoms are? Look at the list below and let me know if you feel them.

Prickling or burning down your legs
Pain on your leg or rear. This will worsen when you sit down.
Difficulty moving your foot or leg
Numbness or weakness on your leg
Shooting pain and this makes you more difficult when you stand up
Constant Pain on one side of the back
What are the causes of Sciatica?
Common causes of this are:

Pregnancy – this is normal for women as they gain weight and they have hard time to move and do exercise.
Overweight – We all know overweight people can get many diseases and Sciatica is one of those.
Wearing heels – when women always wear heels they will not just have a varicose veins but also a pain in their thighs which leads to sciatica.
Sleeping in a too soft mattress – Too soft mattress can also get you into trouble as you cannot relax your body and you cannot straighten your back as well as your feet.
Sometimes the pain you feel extends from the lower back into the back of your thigh and going down your lower leg. Depending where the pain is, it will also extend all the way to your feet and to your toes.

For some, the pain they feel from sciatica can be intolerable or severe. For some other people this is just a common pain where they will get irritating and infrequent. Better to treat them as it will get worse.

You can find different exercises of sciatica to relieve the pain. These exercises are very helpful not just to relieve the pain but to also determine where the parts of your body being affected are.

If you feel you have a worse case of sciatic nerve symptoms like numbness or weakness of your leg, and loss bowel control or control of bladder you have to see help immediately to specialists.

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