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We hear someone having pain in shoulder very commonly these days. With the kind of working habits and the lack of physical activity makes us highly prone to this trouble of having a pain in shoulder. Off late a lot of focus has been put on the correct postures while sitting, working, walking etc. as they are the prime reasons triggering it.

Shoulder in a human body is a connection of multiple joints and combined with the ligaments and muscles for the multidirectional arm movement. The shoulder is one of the maximum used joint by a human body. However, this available mobility has a price attached to it. Softness of the tissues or bones or structural instability can cause pain in the shoulder. This pain can be a temporary or a permanent phenomenon. Basis its severity, it requires medical attention and correction.

Most of the shoulder trouble can be broadly classified in to the following categories viz. ligament tear, Arthritis, Fracture and Instability. The reasons can be attacPain in Shoulderhed as injury to the soft tissues, breakage of collar bone, a gall bladder problem, cardiac arrest, shoulder separation, tumors, infections and bursitis. Bursitis is the injury to theBursasac which acts as a cushion to the joints and muscles in a human body.

Some of the indications of pain in the shoulder can be as follows:

Pain: any type of pain leading to the stiffening of the shoulder or neck.
Numbness: any loss of sensation is a trigger of some nerve related trouble.
Weakness: any partial or full hindrance in the motion of the arm and lack of energy. This can be related to some injury in the muscles or some nerve damage.
Swelling: it can be at a particular spot or on the entire shoulder plus arm; this can indicate a dislocation or a fracture.
Change in Color: any change in color can indicate some damage to the blood vessels.
These are only some indicators and the list is not exhaustive. Although many people practice some self-help techniques like a gentle ice pack massage and physiotherapy, but these should be suggested only at the behest of a certified medical practitioner.

Medical facilities have improved a lot with the times to identify the real cause behind the pain in shoulder. The doctor can identify the severity of the condition through a regular Physical examination, doing an X ray test, CT scan, MRI, Arthrogram, an Ultrasound and Arthroscopy.

Any kind of pain in the shoulder should not be ignored and a medical consultation is advisable at the earliest. The trouble can be due to any internal physical issue or can be induced because of lifestyle. A medical examiner can guide one with the appropriate ways in which one can resort to healthy life style, correct posture and cure of any internal trouble if occurring. A light workout under supervision is necessary for everyone to keep ourselves in a healthy state and delay the happening of pain in the shoulder.

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