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Best Physiotherapy Tips for Prevention & Treatment Of Osteoporosis!

Osteoporosis is affecting millions of people across the globe and it becomes the world’s second most common health problem in the world. For osteoporosis treatment, contact Pro Physiotherapy, physio near me. In the case of osteoporosis, a person loses bone mass and the bone tissue deteriorates. In Osteoporosis, bones become thinner, very weak, fragile, and highly susceptible to get fractures.

How does normal bone become osteoporotic? The human body naturally produces bone cells and eliminates the bone cells.

As the age progress and the person grows old, around mid-age, usually from mid 30’s the human body produces fewer bone cells, so slower the production of the bone cells than the elimination of bone cells causes a great loss of bone mass.

Other than the aging factor, some other factors are also responsible for osteoporosis ( know more from Wikipedia) like smoking, early menopause, sedentary lifestyle, and hereditary. Prevention is better than cure, call pro physiotherapy, the best physio near me for preventive physiotherapy of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is one of the most serious types of silent disease as normally people are not aware of the condition until it becomes serious. Most of the osteoporotic patients don’t have any idea that they are suffering from osteoporosis until they got severe pain in the spine or just a simple fall causes a fracture.

It is a disease that we can prevent in our early life by taking daily calcium-rich food and regular exercises but most people are lack knowledge or because of ignorance suffers from osteoporosis.

Person, those who are suffering from osteoporosis, I mean, already diagnosed and those who are prone to develop osteoporosis and to prevent the osteoporosis to develop, physiotherapy is one of the best paths to manage or prevent the disease.

Pro Physiotherapy like many other qualified physiotherapists is able to give physiotherapy to manage or prevent osteoporosis. Initially, a physiotherapist will evaluate your condition, physiotherapists will identify what activities and movements the patient is capable to do.

Are there any restrictions to do certain things etc. after a thorough evaluation physiotherapist can make a customized exercise program according to the patient’s condition?        

Physiotherapists use the resistance exercises & muscle strengthening exercise program for patients suffering from osteoporosis or prone to develop osteoporosis without any fracture. The resistance exercise and muscle-strengthening exercise program help to increase bone mass so as to improve bone strength and by increasing bone-supporting muscles stronger which helps to prevent fractures.

To avoid stress on the bone, the physiotherapist teaches proper body balance, body mechanics, and maintains proper posture. A physiotherapist helps you to identify any risk factor that is there in your home or in the office which may cause a fracture.

For patients who are suffering from a fracture due to osteoporosis, their physiotherapy is mainly to reduce the pain first and then the specific exercises to strengthen the bone and then strengthening the muscles related to the bone which can help to avoid further fractures in the future.

for osteoporosis, with exercises physiotherapists incorporate IFT, TENS, UST, ice pack, hydro collator bath, massage therapy, and manual therapy to reduce the pain.

In osteoporosis, physiotherapists mainly help to reduce the pain, improve muscle strength, strengthen the bone, improve flexibility, and improve body balance. Physiotherapists prescribe some home-based strengthening, mild stretching, and resistance exercises which patients hast to do regularly and with all precautions.

Moreover, patients should take responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To know more or consult for strong muscles and to avoid any injury due to osteoporosis contact Pro Physiotherapy, physio near me, mobile no. 8951022334. J Mazumdar, Physiotherapist.

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