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Physiotherapy Can Help, Get back on your feet after an ankle injury.

The ankle joint takes the full load of the body which is the major cause that the ankle joint is more prone to get injuries. Ankle injury is one of the most common injuries to the human body. Pro physiotherapy center near me opens now Justdial 8951022334. The commonest type of conditions in the ankle are sprains, strains, Achilles tendinitis, and fracture.

Some factors/causes are there to get ankle problems to range from wearing improper footwear to overuse of muscles, even gain body weight, fracture due to accidents, fall, etc. Athletes to traffic police, a stylish lady wearing pencil heels to the ticket collectors, those who stand for long hours in their job or wear inappropriate pencil heels are prone to get ankle injury, fall while walking simply can also cause a fracture.   

Your physiotherapist helps you to manage your ankle injury in many ways. The physiotherapist’s main goal in case of ankle injury is likely to reduce the pain, decrease inflammation, improve the flexibility of the ankle, and improve the muscle strength related to the ankle joint.

Before going to start your physiotherapy treatment sessions your physiotherapist will thoroughly evaluate the ankle injury. your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will also check your past and other medical histories to see whether you have arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid problems is there or not.

To do a proper diagnosis, your physiotherapist will ask you to stand on the affected leg to see whether weight-bearing is possible or not, also to evaluate your gait, the physiotherapist may ask you to walk or run if weight-bearing possible. In google search, Pro physiotherapy center near me open now, or justdial 8951022334 for best ankle physiotherapy.

Before starting your physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will check your flexibility, muscle strength,blood circulation, and sensation of the injured ankle, furthermore, he/she may check for any ligament injury and misalignment of the ankle is there or not.

An effective way of managing the physiotherapy starts with the passive physiotherapy like rest, ice compression, and elevation, physiotherapists also uses electrotherapy modalities like ultrasound, wax therapy, hydro collator bath, massage therapy, ankle joint mobilization, etc. The main purpose of passive physiotherapy is to reduce pain and stiffness.

Physiotherapy treatments vary individual to individual depends on an ankle injury. Physiotherapy treatment includes various exercise therapy that normally starts with improving the range of motion of your ankle joint by using passive, active-assisted, and then the active range of motion exercises.

Depends on the stiffness then starts strengthening exercises with resistance tube, bands, loops, weights, etc, and then the next level to improve balance by using a balance board for balance and proprioceptive stimulation.PHYSIOTHERAPY-NEAR-ME-OPEN-NOW

Pro physiotherapy clinic design a customized physiotherapy program for your ankle injury specifically for your injury condition. The physiotherapist also prescribes orthosis and braces if required to accelerate your physiotherapy rehabilitation. Maybe, for a few days to weeks, you have to stop your activities mainly weight-bearing, depends on your situation. 

The physiotherapist also gives you some exercise to perform at home as home-based exercises, even after your physiotherapy sessions completed. To prevent future injuries your physiotherapist also will educate you about dos and don’t related to ankle joints.

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