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What Is The Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis in Knees?

In knee osteoarthritis, there is roughening of tissue(cartilage) that covers ends of knee joint bones. Loss of smoothness in this tissue causes painful knee during movement and weight-bearing. Pro Physiotherapy-good physiotherapy near me for OA knee Treatment.

Knee osteoarthritis is classified into:-


Patellofemoral arthritis


A) Knee Pain – especially on weight-bearing, during ascending & descending stairs.

B) Knee Stiffness :-
Stiffness occurs more in morning.

C) Limitation in movement of knee joints

Diagnosis made on the basis of sign & x-ray (X-ray:: of the knee – AP view & Lateral view).

Sign –
1) Swelling of knee joint.
2) Pain along joint line on touching (palpation)
3) On joint movement makes a crackling noise (crepitus)
4) Range of motion of knee joint is reduced.

X-Ray Report:-
(X-ray:: of the knee – AP view & Lateral view)
1) Decreased joint space
2) Osteophytes
3) Decreased bone density
4) Deformity in the later stage

Treatment of osteoarthritis :-

Can be done with Medicines (NSAIDS) , Physiotherapy and Surgery (Knee repalcement surgeries).

Physiotherapy for osteoarthritis:-
Line of treatment
0) Cryotherapy (Application of ice at knee joint)
Twice a day for 15-20 minutes of duration

Icing on knee
1) Electro-Therapy
– A small supply of current is passed through the joint to stimulate the muscles which reduce swelling & pain in the area. It is called interferential therapy (IFT).
– Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is done by D.C current, the position of electrodes is changed to muscle motor points for strengthening of muscles. EMS is not a compulsion of treatment it depends on the condition of muscle in the patient`s body.
Ultrasound Therapy (UST) is done in 2 ways:-
A) Simple use of ultrasound therapy for normal pain.
B) Ultrasound frequency is used to insert the pain relief chemical (Diclophynic gel), which penetrates to a certain extent & eases the pain and swelling.
– Iontophoresis Here ions are inserted through electrodes to relieve the pain.

2) Exercise Therapy
Please read an article over here for more details of knee exercises.

3) Manual Therapy
Caution:- this needs to be done by Physiotherapists. Please consult your doctor Or contact-Us.

4) Lifestyle modification
Click here to read more.

5) Orthotic devices.
6) Taping Techniques.
For pictures please see here.

Done by using adhesive tape in case of knee diseases. Please contact Pro physiotherapist Or contact good physiotherapy near me for OA Knee

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