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Know Your New 5 Functional Vital Signs.

The best physiotherapy clinic in Bannerghatta Road -Pro Physiotherapy. The definition of traditional vital signs is as follows: clinical measurements, specifically pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure, that indicate the state of a patient’s essential body functions. These signs don’t necessarily give us an idea of where a possible problem is coming from but can alert us to a potential problem.

A single test for each of these measures is also fairly meaningless, as seen with elevated blood pressure due to “white coat syndrome.” Measurement of these variables over time, at regular intervals, gives a better idea of a possible problem.

I would offer 5 functional vital signs to be measured at regular intervals by health care professionals. These signs correlate to mortality, functional mobility, and risk of falling.

Grip Strength

Chair to rise (sit to stand) x 10 reps for time

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Carry

One-legged balance test (SLS)

Sitting-Rising Test

These variables can give us an idea of ways to train to improve functional mobility, decrease the risk for falling, and maybe live a little longer (barring any unforeseen trauma or situation).

Grip strength is directly correlated to mortality in many studies and is a good indicator of full-body strength. It can also be an indicator of fatigue, as used by some weightlifting coaches.

The test is administered by having the person hold the dynamometer in the hand, with the elbow at the side, flexed to 90 degrees. The person will then squeeze the handle, and the number (in Kg or Lb) will be recorded. An average of three trials is taken. This article describes norms for grip strength, stratified by gender and age.

A very basic measure of power is the chair to rise (sit to stand) test. This test involves moving from sitting to standing 10 times in a row, as fast as possible with good form. Although this test won’t be valid for an athlete, or most younger people, it can give information regarding moving bodyweight, lower extremity power for basic activity, and stability.

The kettlebell bottom-up carry is used as an option for training trunk stability, shoulder stability, and grip strength endurance. I am proposing that this be a test to measure trunk musculature function under load. McGill and Marshall showed that during the KB bottom-up carry, there is an increase in trunk musculature contraction (measured as a percentage of the maximal voluntary contraction).

To perform this test, place a light kettlebell in the hand with the bottom up. Keep the elbow pinned to the body and the wrist vertical. Walk a given distance with the kettlebell in the vertical position.

One-legged balance test (SLS): This is a simple way to look at the balance and stability of each lower extremity. For the older population, the inability to balance on one leg greatly increases the risk of a fall with injury. In the younger population, difficulty with this test could cause problems with running, jumping and landing on a single leg, and athletic movements (poor motor control).

The Sitting-Rising test was studied by de Brito et al and found to be a significant predictor of mortality for certain populations, as well as, a good basic test for functional mobility.

This is a good explanation of the test, and the scoring, although a little cheesy:
I feel it is safe to assume that if a younger person has poor performance in any of the tests listed above, it will only get worse as the person ages (if no action is taken). The tests could also be used to guide exercise selection for a rehab program or wellness/ fitness program. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on exercise ideas to improve these tests. Contact Pro Physiotherapy – the best physiotherapy clinic in Bannerghatta road for physiotherapy exercises.

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