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The Most Amazing Branch Of Medical Science-Physiotherapy.

Introduction to Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy). Pro physiotherapy clinic near me.
The branch of medical science that deals with assessment, diagnosis & treatment of any kind of disability is called Physiotherapy (Physical therapy).

Physiotherapy works as a bridge between a patient & his society as it rehabilitates the victim & helps to live a normal life. It also deals with disease prevention & improvement in quality of life.

Physiotherapy is opted as treatment in :-

Orthopedic conditions (Post fracture stiffness of joints// degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis etc.)
Neurological conditions (Paralysis // Parkinsons disease, polio, myelitis etc.) Pediatric conditions (//cerebral palsy, Myopathies // Hydrocephalus etc.) Sports Condition (Sprain // Strain // Nutrition & fitness of players etc.) Cardiovascular conditions (Burgers Disease // Post Surgical physiotherapy after various lungs & heart surgeries )
Women health (Antenatal {durin
g pregnancy} // Post Natal {After delivery}
The most important thing about treatment is, it uses natural ways of therapies such as heat, cold, manual therapy.
The science works on the natural body regulatory system and not interfere with its original working mechanism.

Who are the physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are University trained and regulated, Health Care Professionals, who are educated to assess and treat a variety of health conditions and injuries. Our clients range in age from 4 months infants to the 90+ years elderly men.

Physiotherapists are educated to work with a variety of health care conditions such as:

Orthopedic injuries (muscles and joints including the neck and back)
Heart and stroke
Respiratory (COPD, emphysema)
Neurological (Muscular Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s Disease)
Pre and Post-operative (joint replacements, shoulder repair, low back surgery, Achilles Tendon repairs).
Physiotherapy implements a variety of techniques to help your body function to its maximum potential.

Manual therapy (hands-on joint and manipulation s & soft-tissue mobilizations )
Modalities (electrical, ultrasound, laser) to help with tissue recovery and pain management
Exercise prescription
Education: which is fundamental in helping you to integrate your care into your lifestyle habits.

Home physiotherapy?
Pro physiotherapy clinic near me, physiotherapists travel,



Mysore Road,


KR Puram



CV Raman









Austin Town



JP Nagar

Padmanabhanagar and other areas of Bangalore city.

Providing Physiotherapy Services to people within their own homes. Home Physiotherapy is ideal when people are not able to get to a clinic or simply will benefit from rehabilitating in a familiar home environment. Pro physiotherapy works with people of all ages and conditions, from children with Cerebral Palsy to the senior with dementia or who has suffered a stroke.

Who will benefit?

Is your loved one coming home from hospital and is not yet ready to make car trips for appointments?

Is your loved one experiencing confusion and performs best when in the quiet familiar setting of home?

Is your loved one in a care facility and may benefit from additional Physiotherapy services?

Are there mobility concerns that make travel too difficult and tiring?

Is your child in need of additional physiotherapy?

Would you like training on how best to physically assist and support your loved one in the home (transfers and mobility training)?

Services Include:

Balance Training
Fall Prevention
Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation
General post hospitalization Recovery
Caregiver Training for transferring/assisting your loved one

Funding for Home Physiotherapy

Funding is private (by the client/family) and reimbursement may be possible through your extended health benefits/ insurance plan. Receipts are provided. There are also occasions when funding may be preauthorized by an insurance company.

Initial Assessment INR 300 (30 minutes)
Subsequent Treatments INR 500 to 700(30-60 minutes)

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