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best physiotherapist Bangalore push ups workout tips

Best Workout Tips Of All Time.

Workout Tips by the best physiotherapist Bangalore.

This is a rather important post for a lot of you who are just starting out. Workout Tips by the best physiotherapist in Bangalore, South India. Everyone needs these, and I wish I knew these when I was first starting out.

Believe me when I say if you follow these tips you’ll see a faster transformation. PULL-UPS: Day 1–45 of my workout, I could barely bend my arms trying to get up.

Day 60 I barely did one. Day 90, I could do 3.

Day 190 (So, a couple of weeks ago) I get mad at myself if I don’t do 15 reps for every variation. How can I pull-ups better, faster? Easy! Follow this tip. Do as MANY as you can without a chair.

Next, bring in a chair and do 15 more reps. (I’m crazy, and I’ll do 15 more reps with a chair even if I were to do 20 reps without a chair.)

If you would like, there is this really outstanding pull-up assist Beach Body has. I wish they had this when I was first starting out.

PUSH-UPS: If you struggle with a pushup, do I have a tip for you. Change! Get on your knees. Who cares what people think?

And if you’re like me, you’re doing a workout at home, anyway. So who cares? If you can’t get up, get down! Simple as that.

Let’s say you can push ups all day long. Want something extra? Get some push up bars!

I use the Power Stands from Beach Body, but let’s say you want to try the Push-Up Stands because they’re cheaper, that’s fine.

They work great as well. Let’s say you have Dumbbells and don’t want to buy anything. USE THEM! I used my Bowflex Dumbbells for all of my first rounds of Push-up, and they worked JUST as well as the Power Stands.

But now that I have the Power Stands, It’s just easier for me. They’re obviously a lot lighter and I can move them around much easier.

Do what works for YOU. And I’ve done exercises my entire life as I am a physiotherapist. The key here, pace yourself.

If you can, get a heart rate monitor and stay within your zone. If you can’t, then just listen to your body. Don’t kill yourself.

Marathon Runners don’t just do that without practice. They start off by running a city block, then a couple, then a mile, and EVENTUALLY get to where they can run the full marathon.

Take breaks and DRINK WATER!!! That one is important. No soda during a workout. No soda ever, really, but I’ll be honest with you guys and say I enjoy a Rooh Afza from time to time.

BRING IT: Just do what you can. Do you, no more, no less? If you give everything your all, you’ll be fine.

Again, youngling, THESE ARE difficult!!! They are intense, they’re. But you WILL get in the best shape of your life if you bring it. You gotta eat right, do your best, forget the rest, pace yourself.

Push yourself (seems counter productive, but you find that balance, and eventually your “push yourself” will be a lot more than your “pace yourself”), and just hit play..

If you want to avoid injury and keep your body in shape by doing workout consult best physiotherapist Bangalore,South India.

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