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What Do You Know About Knee Ligament Injury?

Ligament knee injury radiates pain which can easily be sighted by external swelling that appears on the knee zone. If you have doubt of ligament injury , contact best physiotherapist in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Pro Physiotherapy.

This usually occurs while – playing sports OR in accidents. Basic cause of ligament injury is sudden motion of knee joint in cross direction (Left to right rather than front to back).

Most common Ligament knee injury Occur on it’s inner aspect ligament i.e. Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) . ligament provides stability to knee on inner aspect as well as nerves present in it helpful for balancing. It lies beneath muscles of knee joint. The results of treatment are very good if treated at right time.

Ligament knee injury
Picture Showing Attachments Of Inner Ligament Of Knee

Mechanism Of Injury:-
Two mechanism are possible.

1) When thigh bone is fixed twisting of leg bone can cause ligament tear.

2) When leg bone is fixed on ground and twisting of thigh bone over it. But the direction of force must be from outside as shown in picture below.

Ligament knee injury
An Outside Force (Valgus force) Causes Injury

Severity of symptom depend on grade of tear.The symptoms are:-

Picture Showing Grades Of MCL Injury
Picture Showing Grades Of MCL Injury

1) Pain


3)Person unable to bear body weight as it causes knee pain along with it he feels instability in knee joint.

Made on the basis of history & some special tests as defined below :-

Patient will tell about mechanism of injury & in case of grade 3 tear he may give history of snap sound in knee during injury.

Special Test:-
Perform manually by specialist.As shown below

Valgus Stress Test For MCL Tear
Valgus Stress Test For MCL Tear

MRI reports are helpful to confirm severity of tear.

Vary according to severity. Grade 1&2 tear can be treated conservatively i.e. By medicines & Physiotherapy. For grade 3 tear surgical repair of ligament & post-surgical Physiotherapy is required.

Physiotherapy Treatment:- If your knee shows symptoms mentioned above then without any delay contact your therapist for proper exercise and other physiotherapy treatment session such as:-

Ultrasound Therapy.


Proprioceptive Training.

Gait Training.

Life Style Modification Advices etc.

Supportive Braces (if Required).

Proper physiotherapy treatment is taken at right time also reduces the future risk of knee ligament injury. Use our free physiotherapy consultation form to get physiotherapy consultation online. contact best physiotherapist in JP Nagar, for ligament injury, call now 8951022334

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