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Physiotherapy Exercises For Muscle Injuries.

Physiotherapy Exercises For muscle injuries ( strain) by Pro home physiotherapy near me in Bangalore.

Getting hurt is something that cannot always be avoided. No matter how careful we are sometimes we will have to put up with some pain.

There are some physiotherapy exercises for muscle injuries that a therapist might give you to do at home. This is a sort of homework for people to continue the treatment on their own, or just do some work in between sessions.

These work well for minor injuries such as a pulled-back muscle. You will of course need to monitor if the exercises that you are doing are causing extra pain or stiffness so that you can report back to your therapist.

You can create a journal and write down when you exercise, what you did, and if you experienced any pain or stiffness. Make sure to concentrate on your exercises and do them correctly.

Rushing through the moves can cause you to get hurt worse. Your muscles are in a state of distress so you have to be careful.

Some examples of physiotherapy exercises are lower back stretching, and knee stretches. One move that will stretch your lower back is to lie on the floor on the front of your body with your chin on the ground.

Rest your hands by your head and keep your elbows tucked in tight. Look straight while lifting your head up slowly, keep your hips on the floor, and feel the stretch in your back.

Lower down slowly and repeat for a few reps. One move that will stretch out an injured knee is to lie on your front keeping your legs straight.

Start to bend on the knee as much as you can and hold for five seconds, repeat with the other knee and alternate for ten reps. You should have a schedule for when you do these physiotherapy exercises for muscle injuries.

The therapist will give you around five exercises for each injured part, and then see how you do with them. If you have a set time that you do your exercises then you will get into the habit of doing them every day.

Decrease the number of reps if you start to feel unnecessary pain with your physiotherapy exercises for muscle injuries, and do more reps if you are feeling good.

When you cannot move a certain part of your body and do the things that you like to do, physiotherapy exercises can keep your muscles from getting stiff and hurting worse. At least if they are moving then some of the pain is being worked out of them.

Sometimes it can be a long time before a therapist can see you in between sessions. Giving you a set of exercises and a regimen to follow will get you through in between. To get the physiotherapy service done in your house contact 8951022334, home physiotherapy near me by Pro Physiotherapy, Bangalore.

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