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Physiotherapy in spinal cord injury scaled

Physiotherapy – Can It Help Patients With Injury To The Spinal Cord?

Physiotherapy – Can It Help Patients With Injury To The Spinal Cord?

Car accidents & sports-related injuries are a couple of the different injuries that can result in injury to the spinal cord. Injury to the spinal cord is of a wide range.

While a few injuries are small and a little bit of physiotherapy will help heal them other injuries could be highly damaging and would require physiotherapy for a period that spans one’s life.

Evaluation is the first step for any kind of physiotherapy. The physiotherapist makes a schedule as to what shall be best-suited therapy for a particular kind of injury that has happened on the spinal cord.

Quadriplegia happens when a neck injury takes place, it requires to be treated in a special manner. The extent of damage caused is of great importance in physiotherapy.

Once the therapy has been put in place it requires to be acted upon sincerely. If not then the spine shall start to deteriorate under the point of injury to the spinal cord. The spine starts to reduce in size thus the entire under that particular point will grow weaker as time passes.

Among the different conditions, such patients can face heart problems & osteoporosis. And if proper exercising is ignored then the trouble can get out of hand.

When an injury takes place on the spinal cord then physiotherapy engages in stimulating & exercising the muscles & nerves under the position of the damage.

By doing this we are giving the patients every chance to stay in a better physical state. If their physical state is good and a cure comes by they shall be ready to benefit from that too.

When the patient is recuperating from an injury to the spinal cord, he should video record all the exercises that the physiotherapy personnel has shown them, so that when they are back home they can rehearse them exactly the same way that they have been told to do.

For those patients suffering from injuries to the spinal cord but not quadriplegics, using mats for physiotherapy is available. Such mats are above the ground level, and a power system or hand crank might be used to operate them.

Physiotherapist will instruct on how-to-do exercises for patients to do at stomach, back or side or then sitting up exercises.

There are various healing treatments in physiotherapy for injuries to the spinal cord. For instance biofeedback, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, vibration therapy, and other activities. Physiotherapy like Aqua therapy is also beneficial.

With the application of all the different therapies, it is at times possible for patients to recover completely. While on other occasions it keeps a halt of further deterioration as the patient waits for new cures.

Research on injury to the spinal cord is undertaken regularly. Of the many studies, one is trying by placing patients over treadmills. The main objective is to help those who had lost hope of walking, walk again.

Injury to the spinal cord patients can draw hope from physiotherapy. It gives them the hope of recovering completely or at least partially.

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