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Low Back Pain? Physiotherapy Can Be The Best Choice.

As much as 80% of India’s population suffers from Lower back pain at any one point of their lives. This results in numerous visits to the local physician. In Pro physio center near me daily average two patients are visiting with low back ache.

For most people it is an incident that needs special attention, they would require physiotherapy.

To treat pain in the lower back various forms of physiotherapy can be used. An important kind of treatment is – IFT. When you visit the physical therapist he make the patients lie down on stomach and apply the electrode of the IFT right through the back.

Then he does the same thing only this time focusing on the lower back area. The pain definitely subsides after a few visits and shall be effective for quite a few months.

Pain in the lower back can also be treated via manual therapy. But only take the manual therapy from someone who knows that he/she is doing. It could prove harmful if the person is a new trainee with less experience.

Modalities or passive therapies are the terms for such methods. The method is applied not through the person but to the person. There are a few other methods that a commonly applied.

Ice & heat packs are common form of inactive physiotherapy. Ice & heat packs can be applied separately or alternately by someone reeling from sharp pain in the lower back.

A nerve stimulator of transcutaneous electrical (TENS) too could be applied to lessen pain in the lower back. Instead of the pain a patient starts feeling the stimulator’s sensation.

Incase the TENS application suits the patient well then he would be sent back home and advised to use it at his will.

Any person reeling with pain in the lower back could benefit from ultrasound that is a passive therapy. The muscles become recipients of heat deep into back where pain is. Pain not only subsides by healing too is speeded up.

The physiotherapist from physio center near me might give instructions for back exercises. If done with proper timings and correctly as directed then it eases pain in the lower back considerably.

Exception to exercising is when a person’s back is in a horribly bad condition then surgery of emergency care would be needed first.

In that situation the physiotherapist assigns exercises that support recovery or help subside pain in the lower back the most. These exercises may be carried out at home but the instructions need to be followed properly.

Exercises are there for giving stability & increasing strength by the way of stretching. One such type is in which patient lies flat & makes swimming like moves. The back lies stable and only the next to muscles are made to work.

Exercises like flexion have been tailor made by strengthening the middle part of the back while also providing support to it.

Once sitting if you feel that the pain has subsided then it is effective for you and you should continue practicing it. Knee-to-chest is also a type of exercise.

Doing aerobic exercises could subside pain as well as prevent lower back problems altogether, walking is one such easy exercise.

Exercise therapy & electrotherapy are known to be an effective way of relieving pain too. Any kind of physiotherapy that can relief pain is good.

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