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BPPV(Vertigo), Physiotherapy Can Help You.


BPPV: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  Pro physiotherapy near me in Bangalore you’re nearby physiotherapist has a customized treatment program for those who are suffering from it. Pro physiotherapy-BPPV (Vertigo) & Physiotherapy Near Me , Physiotherapist.

BPPV is a condition that has a unique character like patients feel an episode of sudden and severe vertigo (dizziness) while the head is moved around.

Triggering factors of dizziness (Vertigo): Lifts your head to look up, when you get up from bed, rolling over in bed, and sudden changes in position.

Without any clear reason, it tends to come and go. The person who is affected by BPPV (vertigo) may have attacks of sudden and severe dizziness for a few too many weeks, then maybe an episode of no symptoms of dizziness at all.

BVVP usually affects only one ear. The reason for BPPV is caused by particles inside the balance organ of the patient’s inner ear.

BPPV is also called positional vertigo, Top-shelf vertigo, and benign postural vertigo.

What are the main causes of BPPV?   

Inside our inner ear, there is a series of vestibular canals that are from different angles. These vestibular canals contain fluid, when you move your head these fluids contain inside the vestibular canals tells the brain correctly in what direction, how far, and how fast your head is moving.

Our inner ear has some other structures also like the saccule and utricle which held calcium carbonate crystals in special reservoirs. Some time due to injury or degeneration of the utricle dislodge these crystals and it escapes into the balancing organ and interferes with the patient’s vestibular system.

Calcium carbonate crystals also called Ear Rocks and otoconia.

What are the factors that cause to dislodge these crystals or “Ear Rocks”?

Ear surgery or otitis media (ear infection).

Viral infection of the inner ear (vestibular neuritis).

Meniere’s disease (a type of disorder of the inner ear).

Head or ear injury.

Structural degeneration of inner ear.

Sometimes minor stroke also may cause.

What are the major symptoms we notice in Vertigo (BPPV)?

  1. A sudden episode of severe vertigo.
  2. Dizziness with or without nausea.
  3. Moving head causes triggering vertigo.
  4. To and frown movements of eyes (nystagmus).
  5. An episode of vertigo may last for half a minute or more sometimes.

What is the diagnosis of BPPV?

The most is to collect the detailed past and present history of the patient’s overall health.

The physiotherapist diagnosis by observing the eye movement which is called nystagmus – while changing the position of the patient’s head causes jerking of the patient’s eyes along with vertigo. This confirms the BPPV.

Dix – Hallpike maneuver is a diagnostic test that helps to confirm the BPPV: – First, the patient is in sitting up position on the treatment table. turn the patient’s head about 45 degrees to one side. Next, quickly make the patient laid down backward so that the patient’s head should be just over the edge of the treatment or examination bed. Physiotherapists observe vertigo and along with that nystagmus (the jerking movement of the eyes). If the symptoms are positive, it confirms the diagnosis of vertigo (BPPV).

Normally MRI or CT Scan is of no use in BPPV and it’s unnecessary.

What are the treatments of BPPV?

Medications: If severe nausea or vomiting if the patient is sensitive to repositioning maneuver, otherwise usually not at all medication is required.

Surgery: Normally is rarely necessary to treat BPPV. Sometimes to block the posterior semicircular canal to prevents the ‘ear rocks’ to enter and move inside the vestibular canal, surgical procedure is recommended by the specialist doctors.


The Epley Maneuver for Benign Peroxisomal Positional Vertigo.


When Ear Rock crystals present in the posterior semicircular canal it can be treated successfully without any medicine, surgical procedure, test, or even without any special equipment but just by The Epley Maneuver.

Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore near me physiotherapists are trained to do assessment and treatment of BPPV effectively. Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore near me Physiotherapists is effectively treated many patients with this condition.

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The most effective way of treating vertigo (BPPV) involves a sequence of turning the head to remove the Ear Rock crystals from the semicircular canal.

The bedside Repositioning physiotherapy to repositioning the crystals, Epley maneuver these kinds of physiotherapy is very helpful. Recurrence of BPPV is common and so the same Epley maneuver and repositioning physiotherapy maneuver is necessary.

After the Repositioning physiotherapy maneuver treatment patient should walk with caution. The patient should avoid bending forward foe example lifting something from the ground or putting the head back, the same day after the treatment, or to the next day.

 Patients should avoid sleeping on the affected side for many days after the treatment.

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