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Is Manual Therapy Very Effective Techniques In Physiotherapy?

Manual therapy – by best physiotherapy near me – Pro Physiotherapy.
The therapist can use the manual techniques to positively influence the range of motion of the joints and the flexibility of muscles and nerves. Manual therapy deals with joint malfunctions, spinal pain in the neck, chest, and lumbar areas, and functional disorders such as some forms of headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or breathing disorders.

I use various manual therapeutic techniques that serve to identify and treat these disorders (e.g. Maitland, Kaltenborn, Janda, Cyriax).

Manual therapy…
… literally means healing treatment with the hands. In this sense, manual therapy has existed as long as there have been people. In any case, it can be traced back to ancient times. Even Hippocrates was familiar with traction, among other things. It is also known that in many cultures manual techniques have been passed on and practiced from generation to generation.

There are many therapeutic methods that are practiced with the hands: Shiatsu, classical massage, connective tissue massage, osteopathy, to name just a few. But I don’t mean “manual therapy” by this.

Today manual therapy stands for a systematic physiotherapeutic examination and treatment of the movement system, as it was formulated above all by Freddy Kaltenborn, Olaf Evjenth, and Geoffrey Maitland.
They were students of pioneering neuro-orthopedic surgeons and osteopaths such as James Cyriax and Alan Stoddard.

The merit of these pioneers of physiotherapeutic manual therapy lies in the establishment of important basic concepts, the further development of the systematic form of examination and treatment, and their integration into physiotherapy, which at the time was often more “physiotherapy” than “hands-on” physiotherapy.

The actual manual therapy, the treatment with the hands for pain relief, mobilization and influencing the texture of the tissue, is part of a comprehensive concept.

Depending on the indication, a sensible treatment structure also includes the use of physical therapy, active training with and without equipment for mobilization, stabilization, or performance enhancement, as well as advice and instruction in order to ensure long-term therapeutic goals such as pain relief and functional improvement.

“… and embedded in comprehensive therapy concepts”
But modern manual therapy is even more than that. She perceives the patient’s personality and traits in life and thus develops a holistic, biopsychosocial perspective on musculoskeletal complaints. Because complaints and functional restrictions are never just biomedical problems.

The therapy – whether with a “six recipe” or with a long-term prescription, is always cooperation, a joint search for a solution to the respective health problem between the therapist and the client.

Manual therapy examines and treats on the basis of the findings of “Western” medicine and the disciplines belonging to it, without dogmatically excluding new or different perspectives. She is committed to the principle of evidence-based practice. Manual therapy is a scientifically based “craft” and is therefore in a constant development process.

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