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Do You Know All Major Types Of Knee Injuries?

Role of physiotherapy, post-operation for Rehabilitation of knee injury comes after the right identification of the type of knee injury and its location. But in severe ligament injury, fracture, etc you need to consult the best physiotherapy doctor near me in Bangalore.

Knee Injuries can be broadly classified as:-

1)Bony Injuries

2)Soft Tissue Injuries

The picture below showing bony & soft tissue structures around the knee joint.Basic-Structure-Of-Knee-Joint-Showing-Bones-Soft-Tissues-around-Knee-Joint-orthopedic-doctor-near-me.

Bony Injuries:-
It can be a fracture of bones around the knee joint. These are:-

1) Patellar Fracture(knee cap bone fracture):-
Patellar Fracture Classification

2) Fracture of Femoral Condyles:-
The femur is the upper bone of the knee joint it’s broadened lower end called “condyle”.There are 2 condyles in the Femur bone inner(medial), outer(lateral). The fracture may occur above the condyles between two condyles or one out of the two condyles. As shown in the figure below:-Fracture-of-Femoral-Condyles-types-orthopedic-doctor-near-me.

Classification of Fractures Of Femoral Condyles
Classification of Fractures Of Femoral Condyles

3)Fracture of Tibial Condyles:-
The tibial bone is the lower bone of the knee joint its wide upper ends are called “Tibial Condyles”. As in Femur it also has two condyles outer and inner. Classification of their fracture is shown here:-The-Schatzker-classification-of-tibial-plateau-fractures-Depicted-is-the-classification-orthopedic-doctor-near-me

Classification Of Tibial Condyle Fracture

Knee Joint Dislocation:-
Dislocation of the joint is defined or called as Abnormal separation of joint.

Picture Showing Types Of Knee Joint DislocationTypes-Of-Knee-Joint-Dislocation-orthopedic-doctor-near-me

Knee Cap Bone Dislocation
Picture Showing Patellar (Knee Cap Bone Dislocation)

Soft Tissue Injuries:-
Main Soft Tissue Injury around the knee are:-

Ligament Injuries

Meniscal Injuries

Tendon Injuries

1) Ligament injuries:-
As shown in the picture(structure of knee joint) there are 4 main ligaments around the knee joint. These are:- Ligament-Injuries-to-the-Knee_orthopedic-doctor-near-me

Medial collateral ligament(MCL)

Lateral collateral ligament(LCL)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)

Ligament injuries are common in sportspersons or in twisting injuries of the knee joints.

Ligament Injuries around Knee Joint
Ligament Injuries around Knee Joint

Posterior Cruciate Ligament(PCL) TearPcl_Tear-orthopedic-doctor-near-me.

2) Meniscal Injuries:-
Menisci are pad-like structures that lie between two bones of the knee joint. There are two menisci in each knee joint one is the inner(medial) meniscus another is the Outer(lateral) meniscus.

Meniscal Injury
Meniscal Injury

3) Tendon Injuries:-quadriceps-tendon-rupture-orthopedic-doctor-near-me
The picture below-showing muscles & their tendons around the knee joint. Injury of any one of them can cause pain around the knee. Tendon injuries happen because of the sudden pull of muscles commonly termed as “Strain”.

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