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Today’s Physiotherapist Using Tomorrow’s Technology

Physical Therapy Technology .How Therapists Today, Practice Tomorrow? Pro Physiotherapy, Bangalore uses the latest technologically advanced physiotherapy machine and other gadgets to provide better service to patients.

Physical therapy technology is moving forward and making strides to further advance the profession.

physical therapy technology, iPad there are a variety of tech products available that are easy to integrate into practice, and that help to improve your clinic flow, treatment, and uniqueness of services.

Some of the latest tech products also assist your patient in becoming more proactive in their treatment, goals, and plan of care.

Below we review a few areas of physical therapy techniques and new product developments designed to change the shape of therapist practice.

Mobile Health Technology
As the population continues to age and insurance reimbursements continue to decline, mobile health care (a relatively new segment in treatment) will continue to increase demands on health care workers.
As home care and outpatient services strive to meet the rising demands of patients, physical therapists will look for more efficient ways to work with their patients.

Mobile health technology can help professionals monitor or remotely gather accurate patient data.

Biosensics is a leading developer in wearable sensors which allow therapists to complete full gait and balance screens/assessments in any environment.

There are also a variety of different mobile apps available for use by both clinicians and patients!

The clinical apps are designed to suit a variety of therapist needs.

The patient-related apps are designed to further incorporate and motivate patient participation in their treatment. This patient empowerment may lead to greater compliance and commitment to a treatment plan.

The true portability in the mobile health niche will also serve to reduce costs.

Virtual Reality.
Virtual reality game systems are increasing in popularity in many rehab facilities.
Products in this area of physical therapy technology immerse the patient into a game or task designed to assist the patient in working toward functional goals.

Gestured Health makes a couple of different immersion products that can easily be used in clinics.

Other popular alternatives include the use of the X-Box Kinect or Nintendo Wii both in the clinic and at home.

As these devices gain more frequent clinical use, the game options designed to target specific patient diagnoses and report progress will also continue to increase and evolve.

You may already be implementing some of this technology into your daily practice.

Advances in robotics have been around for a little while now. New innovations continue to emerge and continue to make strides in the physical therapy field.
Robotic prosthetics (arms and legs) have been continuously under development to further advance the functional and fine motor capabilities of patients.

Newer advances include robot assisted walking therapy and zero gravity suits to assist a variety of patient diagnoses maximize strength and functional returns.

A few of the research hospitals are implementing this physical therapy technology in a variety of patient populations.

Digital Products.
Making recent tech waves in the physical therapy world are a number of digital products designed to take the place of the more traditional models.
One such example is a digital goniometer available via an app on your smartphone. It turns your smartphone into a goniometer.

Other digital products overlap with the above-mentioned phone apps and also include some huge advancements in documentation software.

Tablet applications also increase portability for the busy therapist.

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