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j mazumdar consultant physiotherapist for manual therapy

Multifaceted Manual Therapy, New Concept To Restore Your Health.

J Mazumdar, consultant physiotherapist – Multifaceted Manual Therapy ( MMT).

In trying to describe something which one is not yet familiar, such as Multifaceted Manual Therapy (MMT), I think it is important to explain how we view the body and healing.

First, The body is inherently intelligent and it can to self-regulate and self-heal. The idea of a bone, cut healing is quite remarkable if you think about it. When we see someone with a disability or pain, we view this as the body’s attempt to protect itself.

The fundamental premise of MMT is that by locating the underlying cause of the person’s problem and helping the body re-establish its self corrective and self-regulating mechanisms, we can restore the body’s innate healing abilities and the patients can recover their health.

Multifaceted Manual Therapy is best explained as a health care process. It comprises a unique set of hands-on assessments and techniques, which are used to address pain, dysfunction, disease, and disability.

It considers the diverse systems of the human body and addresses the root cause of the problem. MMT practitioners use their hands (among other tools) to assess and treat clients, giving the body the opportunity to heal itself.

The basic idea of MMT is that body operates as a whole, all the systems in the body seek to protect it in as normal a state as possible. This perspective has led to the development of a system of techniques that aim at locating the root causes of the health issues and fixes those causes directly.

When the causes are correctly identified , treated, then potential for a healthy functioning body return.

To get a whole body health and recovery from disease, Multifaceted Manual Therapy is a breakthrough approach in the field of physiotherapy.

In this approach, the patient gets one-on-one treatment and care from a highly skilled physiotherapist. The approach uses several techniques and methods and is therefore multifaceted.

The techniques are “hands on” and the therapy leads to actual health and gives the body the opportunity to heal.

Multifaceted Manual Therapy helps to restore health so that a patient can recover fully without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

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