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Do You Know A Good Physiotherapist uses Various Techniques?

Physiotherapy Techniques
Different physiotherapist in Bannerghatta road can use different techniques depending on their level of clinical experience and their dedication to further study by attending seminars regularly.

Naturally, a more experienced Physiotherapist would have “more tools in their tool bag” which enables them to help the most difficult of cases.

Our Physiotherapist, J Mazumdar is such a professional. Due to over 14 years of clinical experience and working in various fields of physiotherapy, his local community enjoyed the fruits of his expertise for a wide range of health and injury-based problems.

He has treated anything from back ache to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

J Mazumdar has studied many diverse areas of physiotherapy that in many ways distinguish him from mainstream Physiotherapy.
Traditionally trained (graduated from Rajib Gandhi University Of health sciences, Bangalore) as well as his special interest in stroke & post-operative rehabilitation, J Mazumdar can offer a wide variety of different approaches. Below is a list of the modalities he can use to help you.

Often a combination of approaches can produce a more satisfying and complete result.

Standard Physiotherapy Techniques
Spinal Manipulative Therapy
Dry needling
Myofascial Release
Trigger point Therapy

J Mazumdar at Pro Physiotherapy offers clinical solutions at the cutting edge of evidence, teaching patients how to self-treat, resulting in reduced health visits and expenses and a more optimal patient approach.

Concept behind the treatment of J Mazumdar at Pro Physiotherapy Bangalore : –

A restriction, injury or dysfunction in one part of the body can often impact on whole body mechanics resulting in pain developing in a different part of the body from the original injury.

At Pro Physiotherapy Bangalore the whole body is assessed and treated so we can get to the root of the problem and prevent further problems from developing in the future.

What is offered?

• A Professional and friendly assessment and treatment for a wide variety of acute or chronic Musculoskeletal Problems including Sporting Injuries and Woman’s Health.

• All treatment involves “hands on” modalities and rarely uses any type of electrical equipment.

What you can expect?

• Full body assessment to diagnose and assess the injury and its effects on other parts of the body, taking into account and where appropriate addressing old injuries

• Treatment to all the affected musculoskeletal and soft tissue areas found during the assessment (including visceral and circulatory systems)

• Where appropriate referral on to other Health professionals.

• Full explanation of the problem, treatment and advice on what you can do to aid your recovery.

J Mazumdar, Physiotherapist is Senior Consultant at Aster clinic, J.P. Nagar, a unit of Aster Hospitals. Please contact for one to one consultation with J Mazumdar.

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