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What Are Your Mobility Goals & How To Achieve?

What Are Your Mobility Goals? Ask Your Physiotherapist from Pro Physiotherapy Centres.

Pro Physiotherapy Centres, Bangalore focuses on helping you or a loved one achieve mobility goals when challenged by age and/or medical status. The mission is to assist you in maximizing independence, safety, comfort, and, ultimately, quality of life.

This may mean improving, restoring, or maintaining a certain quality of function. Everyone’s goals are different. For one it simply means to be able to “walk better”. Is walking better equal to the quality of life? There is great satisfaction and enjoyment when we can walk around the house by ourselves, or take our dog out for a walk again or regain the ability and stamina to go watch our grandchildren’s school performances.

Everyone likes to remain able-bodied to participate in and enjoy life and to remain living at home for as long as possible. However, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year. Falls can result in serious complications necessitating a move away from home, either, temporarily or permanently. Pro Physiotherapy, Bangalore helps you work on strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, stamina, equipment, and pain issues to either improve, restore or maintain function.

The safety of your home environment is also addressed. Have you ever wondered if you need a grab bar in the shower? The optimal placement for one and who to call for the install? What can be done to address those stairs that have become difficult to negotiate?

It is a privilege to help you. Consider Pro Physiotherapy your advocate and ally when working with you and coordinating with doctors, family, caregivers, and vendors to get your mobility goals accomplished.

Sessions at Your Doorstep Customized physical therapy sessions are provided in the comfort and convenience of your home, workplace, or gym. Because services are provided on a private pay basis this allows for complete flexibility in terms of frequency, length, and duration of sessions versus as determined by insurance companies or Medicare.

To know anything about mobility to live independent life contact our expert physiotherapists in Pro Physiotherapy centres in Bangalore.

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