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Are You Suffering From Neck Pain, Here Is Your Solution?

Whether you have neck pain or neck pain extending into the arm, physical therapy exercises for upper back and neck pain programs by Pro Physiotherapy can alleviate the pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?
>“Wear and tear”.
>Motor vehicle accident.
>Lack of circulation to the underlying bone causes bone loss.
>Bone loss causes cartilage destruction and subchondral cysts.
>Cartilage loss causes stiffness and pain.
>Subchondral cysts cause pain with lower barometric pressures and colder weather.
>Subchondral cysts allow bone projections which can push on nerves and cause pain spreading into the arm(s).
>Cervical spinal stenosis.
>Stress or pain anywhere in the body decreases circulation to the neck bone/cartilage causing osteoporosis and increased neck pain.
>Neck pain causes a decreased quality of sleep and increased insomnia which in turn causes increased neck pain.
Pain decreases circulation to the nerves, which decreases the production of the necessary chemicals to maintain circulation to the neck and normal temperatures of the fingers and toes.    

Neck Pain Symptoms and Causes
The neck is considered a multifaceted structure composed of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, bones, and joints for it to feel and move freely in all directions. Its functions in the body are to support the weight of the head and maintain its upright position despite the load.

The neck is the medium used for the passage of air, food, and blood in the blood vessels to and from the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the body.
Pain in the neck or in the nape is usually experienced after a bad sleeping position throughout the night.

Most pains in the neck last for hours and eventually subside without management. But sometimes, simple neck pain can go worst, and may even restrict muscle movement if left unattended.

The causes of neck pain vary according to its predisposing factors. The common cause is muscle stress and strain in the neck area.

Activities of daily living can be much to blame for this. These routine activities may be unconsidered stressful for the neck, yet it does.

Such actions are having poor posture, bending or leaning over a table for hours, watching the television, reading a book, sleeping in unnoticed uncomfortable positions, extraneous and wrong manner of exercise, and the like.

There can also be serious pains brought about by a traumatic experience of falls and accidents that resulted in injuries on the neck area. The worst thing is having experienced incidents that would even lead to blood vessel injuries, fractures, and even paralysis.

Other causes that are considered physiologically acquired from a condition are ruptured disk, infection in the spine, cervical and rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, narrowing of the canal in the spine, and cancer that includes the spine.

The symptoms of neck pain are manifested and vary according to the cause of pain. When consulting a doctor or just when managing it at home, you are able to manifest muscle spasm (sudden, involuntary muscle contractions), muscle ache (neck muscles sore and tender), stiffness (muscle are tight), nerve pain (tingling sensation that radiates to the arms and legs), headaches, dizziness, and loss of motion of the neck.

When you are experiencing symptoms of severe neck pain, numbness and sudden weakness in the arms and lower extremities, loss of consciousness, and inability to walk; shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, pain in the upper back, shoulders, jaw, and arms; immediately seek medical attention.

If you observe these kinds of symptoms contact Pro Physical therapy for neck pain program.

Disvantages of Neck Pain
“You’re such a pain in the neck!” Have you tried saying this one? Or did someone tell you this? This might be a common expression of a source of displeasure but what would actually happen if neck pain is really felt?

Would it be that easy to go away from the pain? Many people have already experienced different disadvantages of neck pain that they have exhausted so much effort on how to find the best remedy so that the pain won’t come back anymore.

For most people neck pain is duly caused by the so-called “stress” – the major culprit for all body pains and discomforts. One of these is the emotional stress rooted in worrying about finances, grief, and depression, and all the other physical stress can definitely aggravate neck pain.

And with that, several disadvantages of neck pain can convey to anyone who always feels it. Typically, the patient feels ill or will have an off-on fever and it seems to be so difficult and painful to bend the neck.
Another thing is that looking at the light gives so much pain to the eyes of the one having neck pain. Aside from this, neck pain comes together with severe headache, back pain, and simultaneous vomiting.

Disadvantages of neck pain come in varied forms like active lifestyle is definitely disrupted. No regular activities are feasible to be done because there are a lot of considerations already.
In fact, a person who has neck pain would always have a bad day, and the mood changes constantly because such pain is at times annoying and unbearable.

Mentally, having neck pain gives someone a tough time to think properly since it affects the whole head and even the back down towards the lower parts of the body. These mentioned disadvantages of neck pain can apparently disturb normal and common daily activities especially for those who keep experiencing such conditions.

In fact, these disadvantages of neck pain can be lessened if proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle are practiced. Though normally, people always experience neck pain at some time in their life.
Therefore, one must have a short-time physical exercise in the morning right after getting up. It is always best to have some stretching, bending, and warming up of the body to eliminate somebody toxins through sweat.
Always have a positive outlook in life and be joyful all the time to avoid stress and just take things lightly so as body pain would never have any room in one’s life.

Neck Pain Treatment
Almost all people complain about having neck pains. Mostly, the causes of neck pain are not that serious.
It can be because of activities that strain the neck. Usually, neck pain occurs anyplace in the neck.
That is from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your head. Neck pain treatment must be administered once the pain indicates more serious problems.
People can consult their doctors once they experience pain in their shoulder or down the arm, loss of strength or numbness in the arms or hands, inability to touch your chin to your chest, and sometimes, the change in bladder or bowel movements.
If the neck pain is caused by strenuous activities, there are home remedies that you can apply on your own.
You can buy over-the-counter pain relievers:
Note: you must consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
naproxen sodium (Aleve)
You can also apply heat and cold compress alternatively for 20 minutes many times a day. People with neck pain must take a rest and lie down from time to time for their necks to rest. But don’t take a rest for a long time because it can cause stiffness to your neck. And gentle stretching is advisable since it can help lessen the pain.

If unfortunately that the neck pain still persists, you need to approach your doctors since they can recommend some treatments. Normally, doctors suggest medications such as stronger pain medications like opioid analgesics, muscle relaxants, tramadol (Ultram), and tricyclic antidepressant medications.

These medications can also be injected. It can relieve pain. The doctors can inject corticosteroids to help alleviate the pain and lidocaine can be injected for numbing medication.

Therapies are perhaps the simplest form of treatment but it is a proven and effective way of relieving the pain in your neck. Examples of therapy that you can do are neck exercises and stretching with the help of a physiotherapist, traction which uses pulleys or weights with the help of a physical therapist and last is the short-term immobilization which allows the person to use a soft collar that supports that neck but must only be worn for 2 weeks.

Surgical procedures are also another type of treatment if ever it requires relieving nerve root or spinal cord compression. But this kind of treatment is rarely applied for neck pain.

Physical therapy for neck pain is a very important kind of treatment since it affects your spinal cord and nerve roots that are very sensitive and fatal if injured heavily.
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