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How Much Do Physical Therapists Make Money ?

Physiotherapist s are among the highest-paid healthcare workers, with an average salary of $76,310 per year in the USA. In India, it’s around 3 lakhs to 24 lakhs per year. However, this average may not be reflective of individual situations. Some physiotherapist s make far more than this amount and some make far less.

To earn more in physiotherapy field my suggestion is always upgrade yourself by attending seminars, webinars, hands-on workshop, always read and learn new techniques & do lots of research.

Here uploaded some reputed universities, website names from where you can earn certificates on various courses in physiotherapy free of cost or in very minimal course fees. I have completed almost 30+ certificates from Michigan University, University of Minnesota, Harvard Medical School, University of Calgary, Johns Hopkins University, etc. To improve and upgrade as a good physiotherapist it’s very essential. Find the link below.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA, the lowest ten percent of physical therapists make $53,620 while the highest ten percent make $107,920. In India there is no such data but as I am a practicing physiotherapist so after lots of research I got to know about this data. The amount you will make as a physical therapist depends on several factors including training, degree level, and location.

Degrees Make a Difference

Physical therapists with a doctorate make more on average than those with a master’s or those without a higher degree. Experts predict that the doctoral degree will soon become the standard for physical therapists, so there is a large push toward doctoral programs for physical therapy students rather than master’s programs. In fact, some schools no longer offer master’s degrees in physical therapy and instead focus only on doctoral programs in USA.

In India also its becoming the same situation. Here in India experience and master degree is very important.

However, it does not necessarily follow that physiotherapist s with a bachelor’s, master’s degree will make less money than those with a doctorate because e other factors that influence the pay scale for physiotherapists.

Location, Location, Location

Besides your degree level, the single biggest factor influencing your salary as a physiotherapist is your location. Location affects salary in two ways.

First, larger cities and hospitals can offer higher pay to their employees in most cases. However, the cost of living in large cities is often much higher than in smaller towns. An apartment that rents for INR 5K to 10 k ( Two bedroom apartment) per month in a small town may cost INR 15000 to 40000 in Bangalore or Mumbai. Food, transportation, and other expenses are much higher in larger cities as well.

If you are considering a high-paying job in a large city, it pays to examine the cost of living in that city so that you can make a reasonable comparison to other jobs you might be offered in less costly locations.

Another benefit to working in a small town is that the need for physical therapist s may be so great in these areas that hospitals and clinics but may be earning will be less.

It is not very common for physiotherapist s who are working in needy or rural areas to receive large sign-on bonuses for agreeing to work for a certain amount of time. In India, still in rural areas, physiotherapy is not very familiar. So comparatively earning is less in rural areas.

Type of Training Can Be Key

There are areas of specialization in physiotherapy that can also contribute to your salary level. You may find that specializing in a certain area of physical therapy practice gives you an edge in the job market and helps you command a higher salary. In order to explore these possibilities, talk to people who are already working in one of these areas or perform job searches for specific types of physical therapy jobs.

Your school’s job placement office, if it’s available may also have advice for you on the job situation for your specialization. Specialists may, however, be forced to narrow the locations of their job searches, as not every location needs the services of certain types of specialist physiotherapist s.

I will upload my 20+ more certificates of completion in various courses from reputed universities of the world in my next blog for every physiotherapist those who are interested in upgrade themselves.

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