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What Is The Physiotherapy Best, reasonable Charges In Bangalore, India?

Modality Based Physiotherapy Price in Bangalore.

Our physiotherapy price in Bangalore.

Physiotherapy price in Bangalore: Nowadays physiotherapy is very important for many people to improve their health. Those who are suffering from pain like knee pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. Many people need physiotherapy nowadays after surgery, stroke, Parkinson’s disease.

To make physiotherapy affordable, we at Pro Physiotherapy Clinic, Bangalore decided to keep our physiotherapy price affordable. Our main goal to keep the charges reasonable is so that people can take physiotherapy for a longer duration. As I noticed many patients stop treatment after three/ four days due to high cost. And as a result, they don’t get proper improvement in their health.

Here we are listing our modality based price list :


200 INR / session.

Ultrasound Therapy:

200 INR/ session.

Combination of IFT + Ultrasound Therapy =

400 INR/ session.

Combination of IFT + Ultrasound Therapy =

3250 for 10 sessions only when you take package.

If you take the package, you have to pay it on the first-day total amount of rupees three thousand two hundred fifty at a time. The price is fixed for everyone.

Mobilization and manipulation techniques:

200 INR/ session.

Session is 15 minutes to 20 minutes of duration.

Combination of IFT, ultrasound therapy and mobilization:

500 INR/ session.

Combination of IFT, ultrasound therapy & mobilization:

4500 ( 10 sessions, package). Package amount you have to pay the first day of treatment only. And this price is fixed for all the patients.

Infra Red Radiation Therapy ( IRR) :

150 / session.

Session duration is 7 to 10 minutes.

Moist Heat :

150 INR / session.


200/ session.

Paraffin Wax :

250 INR / session.

Electrical Stimulation for facial palsy :

300 INR / session.

Electrical Stimulation + facial exercise therapy:

400 INR/ session.

Intermittent Cervical/lumbar Traction:

200 INR/ session.

Duration: 15 minutes to 20 minutes/ session.

Combination of IFT or ultrasound therapy + Traction :

400 INR / session.

Combination of Traction+ IFT or Ultrasound therapy :

3500 INR for 10 sessions package. Package amount you have to pay on it the first day of treatment. It’s compulsory to pay the full amount on the first day of therapy.

Cupping Therapy :

300 INR /session

Dry needling :

In clinic : 500 INR / session ( package, 4500 for 10 sessions).

Home visit: 700 INR / session. (Package, 6500 for 10 sessions).

Chiropractic Treatment :

800 INR /session in clinic, at home 1000 INR / session.

Stroke rehabilitation :

In clinic: 400 INR/ session.

In home: 550 to 600 INR/ session.

We do home visit physiotherapy, those who are not able to visit a clinic or don’t want to visit, we can provide home physiotherapy. We provide home care physiotherapy anywhere in Bangalore. Our home physiotherapy price in Bangalore is very reasonable. Home physiotherapy charges start from 500 onwards depending on the conditions and modalities we use.

If there are any changes in our charges for treatment, we will update our website. To know more details please call us at 89-510-22334.

*INR = Indian National Rupees.

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