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The Best Physiotherapy For Neck Pain.

Physiotherapy for neck pain.

Physiotherapy for neck pain at home cost is very affordable.

Physiotherapy at home cost for Neck Pain.

Neck Pain is often caused due to an abnormality in one or more discs that lie between the vertebrae. Sometimes, there is no need for the sufferers to go to see a doctor since some simple but effective home manipulations can help you to heal cervical disc disease. If necessary, you can go to visit a physiotherapist, who will teach you some stretching & strengthening exercises, electrotherapy like IFT, ultrasonic therapy that will not only help you strengthen your neck and vertebrae, adjust your poor postures but also avoid neck pain return again. Adversely, going to see a chiropractor should be also within your consideration. To most sufferers, their discomfort and restore movement can be relieved by certain exercises and interventions instructed by physiotherapists.

Generally, when you see a physiotherapist, he or she will suggest you have a total evaluation first. Through evaluation, the physical therapist can check your neck strength and reflexes, and assess the motion range of your neck. Next, he will ask you some questions about your symptoms. For example, he will ask you whether your pain is in the neck or between the shoulder blades, whether the pain spreads down your arms to the hands or fingers, whether numbness or tingling is felt in your shoulders or arms. All this can help a physiotherapist has a general understanding of your disease.

Stretch, Strengthen, and Straighten Up

No matter who you are going to visit, it is probably that both the physiotherapist and chiropractor will suggest you do some easy-doing interventions and exercises, which will contribute you to relieve stiffness or numbness in your neck, strengthen the around areas, and finally restore the normal function of the neck. The effects would be better if you have some treatment such as cold or heat application, deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound before you begin above manipulations or exercises.

According to the physiotherapist, it is an important and necessary procedure to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support your neck through a range of exercises. He or she will teach you how to improve your poor posture and the range of the neck motion. In order to keep a comfortable and correct posture, it is a good idea for you to stand in front of a mirror exercising. Through the mirror, you can find out your poor postures and adjust them promptly.

Actually, some techniques or skills the chiropractors used are almost the same as a physiotherapist. During chiropractic therapy, the chiropractors will also suggest you do gentle adjustments to restore normal neck function and ease the pain. Through these effective adjustments, the stiffness in the neck joints will disappear gradually and the range of the neck motion would increase. However, for those people who are suffering from vascular problems in the neck, such as carotid artery stenosis, or advanced osteoarthritis, it is not advisable for them to do these adjustments. Therefore, consult with your doctor when you are going to have any spinal adjustments

Neck Traction for Cervical Disc Disease
According to both physiotherapists and chiropractors, cervical traction is an effective technique for relieving pain and improving neck motion range. Generally, traction gently extends the neck opening spaces between the cervical vertebrae and removing the pressure on the nearby affected discs temporarily. You can do the neck traction continuously or intermittently, or interactively between short periods of pulling and resting. It depends on you which one works best. To know the physiotherapy at home cost for manual traction contact Pro Physiotherapy, Bangalore, today

Cervical traction can also be done at home. You can hang the pulley systems to the doorway, or you can perform cervical traction while lying down only if you have these devices accordingly. However, in order to make sure you can buy the right equipment and set it up correctly, you’d better seek advice from your physical therapist first.


Before going to start any kind of exercise like stretching, strengthening, or straightening, reducing neck pain is very important. to reduce the pain physiotherapist uses various electrotherapy modalities like

  1. IFT
  2. Ultrasonic Therapy
  3. Infrared radiation Therapy (IRR)
  4. Moist Heat
  5. Intermittent Cervical Traction
  6. TENS, etc

Cervical Pillows and Collars for Cervical Disc Disease

Cervical pillows are specially designed to fit your neck while you are sleeping. However, there is no convincing evidence to support its effectiveness in improving neck pain. Therefore, you’d better see your physical therapist check whether it works on you.

Meanwhile, the effects of cervical collars are not so obvious. Compare with a reminder to use good posture and range of motion techniques, soft cervical collars are less likely to stabilize your neck enough. However, although hard cervical collars will do immobilize your neck, long-time use would uncomfortable.

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