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How To Use Heat Therapy To Reduce Neck Pain?

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Heat is conducive to treating neck pain caused by poor posture, chronic tension or stress. Heat also works well for chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis. Heat can provide relief of neck pain through promoting circulation in the affected area, reducing muscle spasms and easing muscle rigidity. The following part will tell you how to apply heat to cure neck pain. To know the best way of using moist heat therapy contact the best physiotherapists in JP Nagar, Bangalore at Pro Physiotherapy Clinic.

Use Heat to Relieve Neck Pain

Decide what the best heat application for you is. You can either have hot showers or put a heating pack directly on the affected area.

Apply moist-heat treatment. You can lay prone on a bed or on a sofa, press a hot towel against the back of your neck and shoulders.

Alternate heat and cold to achieve better effect. If the affected area is swollen, apply icing treatment until the swelling has disappeared. Then replace it with heat. Make sure that at least 48 hours is set aside for the swelling to completely vanished.

Have a hot bath. Add oils or salts to the bathtub, using medicated ones that are designed specially for relief of pain. You can purchase medicated salts in any drug store or local health food store.

Purchase Heat-Producing Products to Reduce Neck Pain

Look for products that create heat when they contact the affected area, such as certain oils or ointments that are designed especially for massage or pain relief. This is conducive to relief of pain.

Purchase a heat pad that you can press it against the shoulders and wear while you are sitting in front of the computer or TV.

Buy electric self-massager that creates heat. This proves very effective in relieving neck pain that ranges from your shoulders to upper back for the massager is convenient for relieving pain in a large area.

Heat therapy may alleviate your pain temporarily. It may worsen the symptoms. If you have any discomfort, stop using it as soon as possible and consult the physiotherapist, because this may signal that your condition is very severe.

Do not apply heat to a swollen area or bleeding wound. Avoid using heat if you have a cut or an open wound on the skin..

Make sure that your pad is not overheated before you put it on the affected area. Or it may hurt your skin. When you consider using a heating pad to relieve neck pain, ensure that it is hot but still comfortable.

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