J Mazumdar,

Physiotherapist. Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist.

J Mazumder is a Consultant Physiotherapist ( search in google n physiotherapist near me, J Mazumdar) in Pro Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore, Clinic location at present in Jayanagar 5th block, Jayanagar 8th Block, JP Nagar 1st Phase and Bannerghatta Road and Consultant in Aster Clinic, JP Nagar, BSK Diagnostics, a Nano diagnostic, JP Nagar diagnostic, Husle orthopaedic centre. Formerly he was working in St.Marthas Hospital, Bangalore, he holds a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation in alternative medicine,  and he has done many certification courses through online studies 1. Certificate in from top universities. He has more than 12 years of clinical experience in the field of physiotherapy and treated more than 10k + patients successfully including stroke, TKR, ACL Rehabilitation and many more critical cases. 

His special interest lies in stroke rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation.

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Though he is a  trained physiotherapy specialist, his passion lies in developing a great chain of  Physiotherapy Healthcare system for South Bangalore and his mission is to achieve a goal of “best-qualified physiotherapist near me, you & every citizen of South Bangalore.”

He has a track record of an excellent physiotherapist and building top-class physiotherapy centers from nothing and making it a profitable business in a short period of time. He has worked in several nationally recognized hospitals and healthcare establishments named St.Martha’s Hospital, Hulse Orthopedic Centre, (with famous orthopedic and joint replacement specialist Dr. Narayan Hulse), Nationwide the Family Health Care.

He has founded ortho-neuro care Physiotherapy, Pro physiotherapy, healX Physiotherapy, a chain of clinics in the field of Physiotherapy, and created a very good brand reputation as an affordable yet best in class customer-centric Physiotherapy facilities in a span of fewer than three years. His Jayanagar Pro Physiotherapy is famous for its pain management, stroke rehabilitation, and post-surgical program. After joining the pro centers all Pro physiotherapists have to go through 80+ hours of research-based training per year and a monthly assessment on competency, skill, and patient-centric. He is planning now to open in South Bangalore a total of twenty Pro physiotherapy branches in the year 2025 so that  in Bangalore every person gets the best Physiotherapy at affordable, reasonable fees. To get the best  Physiotherapy search in Google Pro Physiotherapist near me.  

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