Dr. J Mazumdar,

Physiotherapist. Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist.

Dr J. Mazumder is a senior consultant Physiotherapist in Nano healthcare and Diagnostics and BSK Diagnostics and holds a bachelor Degree in physiotherapy , Bangalore ,Diploma in Sports Medicine (am), West Bengal and Diploma in Russian language,  Moscow . His career spans over 8 years spent in clinical physiotherapy especially in stroke rehabilitation, post surgical and pediatric rehabilitation.He is the Best Physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy.

Best Physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy.

Although trained as physiotherapy specialty, his passion lies in developing a robust Physiotherapy Healthcare system for South Bangalore and his mission is to achieve a goal of “qualified physiotherapist for each citizen of South Bangalore.”

He has a track record of excellent leadership and building businesses from scratch and making it profitable in a short span of time in trans-cultural settings. He has worked in several nationally renowned hospitals and organizations such as St. Martha’s Hospital, Hulse Orthopedic Centre, (with famous orthopedic and joint replacement specialist Dr. Narayan Hulse), Nationwide Your Family Health Care.

He has founded Pro physiotherapy, a chain of physiotherapy clinics and developed a very good brand reputation as a customer-centric organization in a span of less than 2 years. His Akshaya Nagar branch is well known for its pain management, stroke rehabilitation and post surgical program. All Pro physiotherapy physiotherapists mandatorily have to go through 100+ hours of training per year and a quarterly assessment on competency, knowledge and patient-centricity. His plan is to open in South Bangalore total ten Pro physiotherapy branches in the year 2020 to give quality physiotherapy services to the citizens of South Bangalore.Best Physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy is Dr J. Mazumder.

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