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A mutual understanding between the physical therapist and the patient/client/family or care giver is an integral part of physical therapy. This kind of interaction is necessary to positively change the body awareness and movement behaviors that may promote health and well-being. Members of inter-disciplinary teams also need to interact with each other, and with patients/clients/family and care givers, to determine needs and formulate goals for physical therapy intervention/treatment.Pro Physiotherapist stand as the Best Physiotherapy in Bangalore. Physical therapists also interact with administration and governance structures to inform, develop and/or implement appropriate health policies and strategies.

Best Physiotherapy.

Diagnosis in physical therapy is the result of a process of clinical reasoning which results in the identification of existing or potential impairments, functional limitations and abilities/disabilities. The purpose of the diagnosis is to guide physical therapists in determining the prognosis and most appropriate intervention strategies for patients/clients and in sharing information with them. In carrying out the diagnostic process, physical therapists may need to obtain additional information from other professionals. If the diagnostic process reveals findings that are not within the scope of the physical therapist’s knowledge, experience or expertise, the physical therapist will refer the patient/client to another appropriate practitioner.Experience the Best Physiotherapy provided by Pro Physiotherapy.Physical therapists are guided by their own code of ethical principles. Thus, they may be concerned with any of the following purposes:
  • promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals and the general public/society, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and exercise
  • preventing impairments, activity limitations, participatory restrictions and disabilities in individuals at risk of altered movement behaviors due to health or medically related factors, socio-economic stressors, environmental factors and lifestyle factors
  • providing interventions/treatment to restore integrity of body systems essential to movement, maximize function and recuperation, minimize incapacity, and enhance the quality of life, independent living and work ability in individuals and groups of individuals with altered movement behaviors resulting from impairments, activity limitations, participatory restrictions and disabilities.
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