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Physiotherapy, as a healing method of treatment, focuses majorly on the patient’s mobility recovery. The visiting physiotherapist follow a detailed process of assessing, diagnosing and treating the disabilities. Skilled physiotherapists heal patients in the comfort of their homes and ensure that a comprehensive care plan, made in conjunction with their primary care doctor, is followed rigorously. Doctors at Pro Physiotherapy are Experienced Physiotherapist.

Experienced Physiotherapist.

Pro Physiotherapy at home services are known for providing compassionate and professional care to patients that can help them cope with difficult situations. Our team of expert caregivers help them in better management and maintenance of health in a homely environment.

Your therapist will work with you to set a number of goals. This will also take into account your priorities, hopes and plans and is a way to make sure that your treatment is focused on the things that are important to you. Your goals will depend on how severe your stroke is, your previous abilities, and the life you hope to lead in the future. Your goals may be small to start with and involve a simple task, such as reaching for and grasping an object. Each goal you achieve will be a positive step forward and will help to keep you motivated.Consult Doctors at Pro Physiotherapy – Experienced Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists can provide other equipment to help you get about more easily such as walking frames, rollators (walking frames with wheels) and sticks. Your physiotherapist can also provide or refer you for more specialist help. If you have drop foot (a condition where you cannot lift your toes properly when walking) this could include an ankle-foot orthosis (a type of splint) or Functional Electrical Stimulation (using an electrical current to stimulate the muscles in the ankle).

It is possible for members of your family and/or any carers to attend rehabilitation sessions with you. They can be involved in your on-going exercises and rehabilitation after you have left hospital. Your physiotherapist may also show your family or carer how to help you practice your exercises and include them in everyday activities. If you need help with daily tasks such as getting dressed, getting in and out of bed or going up and down stairs, your physiotherapist (and other members of the team) will teach your family or carer how to help and Consult Doctors at Pro Physiotherapy – Experienced Physiotherapist.

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