Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Pain is a warning system and the body’s method of telling us that something is wrong. Pain is important; without it abnormal conditions may go undetected, causing damage or injury to vital parts of our bodies. Even though pain is a necessary warning signal of trauma or malfunction in the body, nature may have gone too far in its design. Aside from its value in diagnosis, long-lasting persistent pain serves no useful purpose.Doctors at Pro Physiotherapy are the Experienced Physiotherapist.

Experienced Physiotherapist.

Pain does not begin until a coded message travels to the brain where it is decoded, analyzed, and then reacted to. The pain message travels from the injured area along the small nerves leading to the spinal cord. Here the message is switched to different nerves that travel up the spinal cord to the brain. The pain message is then interpreted, referred back and the pain is felt.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a battery-operated device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. The unit is usually connected to the skin using two or more electrodes on trigger or acupuncture points. The benefit of TENS for pain relief is controversial as not all research has definitive results. Physiotherapy uses TENS as part of a treatment session and if TENS is going to be effective should be immediate and last for 2-4hr. Therapists add exercises, re-train movement and mobilize joints with TENS for the patient’s symptom and functional improvement.

The TENs Machine can work in two ways but firstly it is important to understand how the body feels pain. Messages are sent from the brain to all areas of the body and back again by the nerves, which run from the brain down the spinal cord spreading out to the trunk, arms and legs. If you touch something hot a message will flash along the nerves, up the spinal cord and into the brain. A second message would immediately be sent back to the same area telling you to move your hand away. This process takes only a fraction of a second.One can find the Experienced Physiotherapist in Pro Physiotherapy.

TENs work by a method called pain gating where the stimulation of the TENs machine blocks the messages to the brain telling it the body is experiencing pain. It also encourages the brain to produce the body’s own natural painkilling hormones known as endorphins. The TENS signal is perceived as stronger than the pain signal being produced by the body, it effectively blocks the pain signal from travelling along nerves to the brain. Most clients find that high-frequency treatments produce the quickest relief from pain, as well as providing several hours of relief after the treatment.

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