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Physiotherapy in older adults with osteoarthritis. Changing habits to lose weight and prevent injury during exercise, education, joint protection of the patient relaxation techniques, counseling, and use of appropriate footwear are all forms of prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis of the elderly.

Physical therapy is aimed at strengthening the muscles around the joint with the use of assistive devices, it provides patients with their mobility promotes stability, and reduces the load on joints.

It is also used for its beneficial effect of routine aerobic exercise and aquatic therapy to improve function and pain. The strengthening of the quadriceps in the elderly may delay the loss of muscle mass decrease pain, improve motion, the strength of the knee joint trauma, and decrease Many patients become more confident in ambulation after performing a prescribed physical therapy program.

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The Best Way to Cure Arthritis.

Arthritis is considered a joint disorder condition that is caused by various reasons. First, it can be caused by age. As time goes by, people will become older and older. Since they are getting older, the bones especially the joint is vulnerable to calcification.

The amount of calcification will cause arthritis. Second, it can be caused by doing certain activities which can cause arthritis such as too much sitting on the chair, seldom exercising, and so on. Too much sitting on the chair will cause the body to become inflexible especially for the area of buttocks and legs. People who are seldom doing exercise will also have a big chance to get arthritis because they are rare to move their bodies.

If someone has been encountered with arthritis, they need to visit the rehab center. Why should they go to rehabilitation? Arthritis is a unique health case since it is caused by calcification. So, it needs to get certain treatment which is not only based on medical treatment.

People who are encountered with arthritis should be treated with certain medical support such as helping them to move their joints, helping them to do certain movements in order to make their joints become more flexible, and etc. If you do not expect to have such an experience, you can do exercises regularly.

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