Do You Know What Are The Most Common Muscle Injuries?

Most common muscle injuries. IFT Physiotherapy near me, home visit, Pro Physiotherapy.
Muscle injury can occur from a blow or something inside the muscle. Thus, it can be classified into cramps, contractures, and tearing.

  • Cramps: Call to disorders caused by loss of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It usually occurs at the beginning of the year, but in the end, when minerals are lost and cramps occur. Normally appear in calves and forearms. To avoid this it is advisable to take salt and minerals to recover and stretch and loosen muscles when cramps are given.
  • Contractures: It occurs in muscles that have had to endure an overload for a long time. Another reason is stress, which affects the neck, shoulders, general fatigue … is caused by the lack of proper metabolism. To begin the exercise, the injury is strong and goes down while the muscle is warmed, returning to be strong when it ends, which indicates that it can be prevented with a good warm-up. To cure it, are always welcome hot baths, massages, or gentle activities.
  • Tears: the total or partial rupture of part of the muscle, are common in twins, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The causes of these injuries can be a dramatic change in temperature for muscle, an effort overexposed than the muscle can bear, or an extra effort after exercises, such as acceleration and deceleration. If the break does not exceed 5%, there will be a great loss of strength, but a discomfort around the injured area, causing great pain to want to contract the muscle. A break may take about three weeks to heal, as long as do not overstrain.

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