Preventing the most common injuries. Pro Physiotherapy- IFT physiotherapy near me.

There are many reasons that can lead a session, but one of the main ones is the use of inappropriate material. The shoe should be stable and act as a buffer for our feet. We must also be vigilant against excessive wear in any area of the shoe, which would indicate that we do not walk well or that the shoes do not fit our pace.

Another reason why there are more injuries is overtraining (above the capacity of the subject) or not carrying out the necessary break-out sessions (after a hard day of weight training is advisable to rest for one or two days before making another like it).

To avoid injury, one of the best methods is to perform a good stretch. Although often not given the importance they really have, are very effective in preventing injuries. We always perform stretches as complete as possible, involving the maximum number of muscle groups.

IFT physiotherapy near me. We at Pro Physiotherapy clinic having 12+ years of clinical experience in the field of physiotherapy. We at Pro Physiotherapy treated all types of injuries from young sports to 80+ years old senior citizens successfully. We are a well-equipped clinic with all latest, technologically advanced gadgets to manage and prevent injury-related conditions. We have specialized physiotherapists like sports physiotherapists, stroke rehabilitation specialist physiotherapists, geriatric physiotherapists, etc to give the best quality physiotherapy services to our clients.

We treat and educate our patients mainly older people, those who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, stroke, etc. how to avoid fall & injuries by improving muscle power, improve flexibility, balance, and coordination by giving treatment like strengthening, stretching, balance, and coordination training and gait training, etc.

Pro Physiotherapy is also famous for low back pain, osteoarthritis of knee , post surgical and post stroke rehabilitation.

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