Physiotherapist in Bannerghatta Road

How Physiotherapy works after an Operation is done?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that you actively participate in, rather than something you just have done to you. It works best when you work together with your physiotherapists to help yourself recover. They will guide you with advice and information about what you can do to help yourself after your operation. Experienced physiotherapist are available at Pro physiotherapy – Physiotherapist in Bannerghatta Road.

Physiotherapist in Bannerghatta Road.

The physiotherapist will assess your needs, identify any problems which can be helped by physiotherapy, and devise an individual treatment plan for you. You will normally be assessed the day after your operation, and will be seen as required until you leave hospital, or until input from the physiotherapist is no longer needed. Suggestion by Pro – Physiotherapy – Physiotherapist in Bannerghatta Road and basically Physiotherapy may consist of:

• advice about your posture

• chest clearance techniques

• general mobility rehabilitation (moving around)

• exercises for any flap donor-site (where tissue has been removed and donated to your reconstruction)

• neck, shoulder and jaw exercises.

In the first few days after your operation, it is important that you get up out of bed and start moving around. Walking helps your lungs to re-expand and encourages good circulation.

• Generally, the day after your operation you will be helped to get out of bed and sit in a chair. There are exceptions to this with certain types of surgery.

• Gradually increase the distances you are able to walk until you are fully mobile again. Aim to walk at least the length of the ward 3 to 4 times per day, if you can.

• Before going home from hospital, you may need a stair assessment to make sure that you are safe and confident getting up and down stairs when you go home.

For your wounds to heal, good nutrition is vital (both eating healthily and getting enough calories). This will help you get back to your normal activities. Please follow the advice from your dietitian, and any swallowing advice from your speech and language therapist. For any doubts related to physiotherapy contact Physiotherapist from Pro Physiotherapy – Physiotherapist in Bannerghatta Road.


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