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Our own experienced physiotherapists are committed to delivering quality, expert scientific consultations, customized for your condition.
In addition, we provide home care physiotherapy by experienced physiotherapists.

Physiotherapist near me, Female physiotherapist

We ensure that having access to Pro Physiotherapy Clinic at any of our clinics close to you or schedule at home physiotherapy as smooth as possible. Our experienced physiotherapists only give at-home physiotherapy services having a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Physiotherapist near me , Female physiotherapist

Dr. Hashmat Anjum, Physiotherapist.

Dr. Hashmat Anjum, Physiotherapist.

Manual Therapy Techniques. She is a qualified physiotherapist having 5 years of clinical experiences. Her special interest in Sports Rehabilitation.

Dr. Jeba Rashid, Physiotherapist.

Dr. Jeba Rashid, Physiotherapist.

Expertise in Manual Therapy Techniques and Pain Management. She is a well-experienced physiotherapist successfully treating patients from last 6 years. Her special interest in geriatric (elderly ) and pediatric physiotherapy.

Dr. Manu Raj.    Physiotherapist.

Dr. Manu Raj. Physiotherapist.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation. Well experienced and very impressive physiotherapist having 4 years of clinical experience , special interest in post operative and sports rehabilitation.

Why Physiotherapy?  

Physiotherapy is one of the best types of treatment on the planet for the recuperation of wounds. Physiotherapists are the main medicinal services treatment supplier that can be found in both the emergency clinic and private work on setting.

Having the right treatment after a physical issue is significant, to ensure the injury is put under right stacking for the phase of mending it is in, to advance the best recuperating with the best time spans. Without these rules, an excess of burden and pressure, or insufficient, can create additional injury, distress and a more slow recuperating time, which means you are down and out for more.

Continuously get a physical issue surveyed by a physiotherapist, to permit a quicker and right recuperation, diminishing the time and cash spent on future reoccurring or compensationary wounds.

At Pro Physiotherapy we are  certified physiotherapists,Physiotherapist near me , Female physiotherapist , consequently you needn’t bother with a GP referral to see us when you have had a physical issue which will set aside you time and cash.

Sports Injuries: At Pro Physiotherapy we spread a wide range of sports wounds from injuries and strains, to muscles and tendon tears. We can allude for Ultra Sound Scans, X-beams and onto pros if and when required. We additionally have a scope of taping and supports that we can utilize and have available to be purchased, to give additional help if necessary. Our accomplished group will give all of you the activities and encourage you have to get you back on the field quicker!

Work place wounds: There are a colossal assortment of work places, from office based inactive work, to collecting timberlands comprising of extremely substantial physical work. Wounds can happen anyplace whenever and on the off chance that your physical issue is preventing you from being busy working, at that point your exuberant hood can be put in danger.Pro Physiotherapy isn’t just ready to help you with the recuperation of your physical issue, yet in addition with your arrival to work. We can accomplish work place evaluations deciding the territories that are the most troublesome, and set up an arrangement, working with companies to overcome any barrier of coming back to work with a continuous increment to working hours and obligations. These projects are explicit and customized to every person and work place situation. Physio Direct likewise offers Discomfort Clinics to businesses to help with injury anticipation and decreasing the requirement for time off work.

Careful recovery: After medical procedure it is imperative to get things going and working once more. At Pro Physiotherapy we can help you with your recuperation, helping you accomplish the right post-employable stages in the right time spans. We give you a locally established exercise program that is custom fitted to your particular medical procedure and furthermore treat any related hurts and muscle pressures. We can likewise assist with diminishing the impacts of scar tissue which can prompt limited development. A specialist will for the most part give you impediments and time spans to bring to your regarding physiotherapist as rules to work with.

Neck and Back Pain: Neck and back torment are the most well-known objections in the physiotherapy world. 80% of individuals on the planet at some phase of their lives understanding back agony. Regardless of whether you invest an excessive amount of energy in the PC or have an occupation that requires redundant assignments, we can help facilitate your a throbbing painfulness. We can give you center fortifying activities to help reinforce and balance out your spine to restrain the pay systems you adjust from being in torment. Migraines are normal with neck torment and are critical to jump on head of. At Pro Physiotherapy, we can give you stretches to help assuage snugness to make your days more gainful.

Muscle and Joint Pain: Arthritis getting you down? You don’t need to surrender your golf, bowls or any of the exercises you appreciate. It is imperative to continue moving as exercise animates bone development and wellbeing, to keep up joint capacity. We can help get your joints going once more, soothing agony and distress permitting you to come back to the things you appreciate the most.

Neurological Rehabilitation: If you have a ceaseless neurological hindrance or injury, we can help with the molding of muscle squandering by giving you a home exercise program that depends on improving quality, balance, muscle length and proprioception. We can do home visits in the event that you can’t come in to see us, so you can proceed with your restoration in the solace of your own home.

What People Are Saying

A Very Good physio who studies the details of injuries and treatment well and provide you a very personal and right method to gain back strength and movement.
Randhir Kumar

Mazumdar, A really good physiotherapist and upon that he is a great human being Really polite and friendly and helping nature. He gives very good treatment.

Dr Mazumdar has been my family’s physiotherapist for many years. He is committed, friendly, optimistic, and very hard working. Excellent Physio!! Takes personal interest.


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