Core Stabilization Programs

Exercise program that strengthens the muscles that enhance good posture.

This is an exercise program that strengthens the muscles that enhance good posture, support the lower back and gives you an athletic platform for upper body and lower body activities.Pro Physiotherapy provides core stabilization program and it is the Physiotherapist near me in Bangalore.

Physiotherapist near me in Bangalore.

The muscle of the core were once thought of as only to be the abdominal muscles and people used to do sit-ups only to train the core. Back patients would only do a ‘pelvic tilt’
Now the core is considered to include your front, back and side areas running from your shoulders to your knees. All exercises involve controlled breathing with your diaphragm as the focus. Progressive muscle strength training in dynamic and isometric holds are trained to keep control of your center of gravity for ‘stabilization’,Physiotherapist near me in Bangalore. The stable center of gravity ensures smooth efficient movement for all activities.
People with back problems are taught specific exercise of stabilizers all around the mid portion of the body… the center of gravity area…. so that they can work and play without aggravating their symptoms in a pain free environment.
The core stabilization program follows the detail assessment by your physiotherapist, who individualizes the exercises for your personal needs.

A joint is where two bones meet, and are enabled to move in certain directions. The two bones are held together by ligaments. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue and they act rather like elastic bands: as muscles lengthen and shorten to make the joint move, ligaments keep the bones in place. Tendons are fibrous connective tissue that join muscle to bone. A coating of soft but tough tissue (cartilage) covers the surface of the bones and stops the bones from rubbing directly against each other.

This helps the joint to work smoothly.This how Physiotherapy works and Pro Physiotherapy is situated in JP Nagar and we are the Best Physiotherapist near me in Bangalore.The joint is surrounded by a capsule (the joint cavity), and the space within this capsule contains synovial fluid. This fluid, which lubricates the joint and provides nutrients to the joint and cartilage, is produced by the synovial membrane (or synovium), which lines the joint cavity.


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