Muscle activity for Physiotherapy Treatment. Physiotherapy at home near Bangalore.

Physiotherapy is based on the treatment of the symptoms and the function or activity limitations of patients that are made visible in the form of findings. It uses mainly manual skills of the therapist, as appropriate by natural physical stimuli (eg heat, cold, pressure, radiation, electricity) and promotes the intrinsic activity (coordinated muscle activity and the conscious perception) of the patient. Physiotherapy at home near Bangalore. The treatment is adapted to the anatomical and physiological, cognitive, and motivational characteristics of the patient. Here, treatment is one part of a natural, physiological reaction of the organism (eg muscle and metabolism), and also to an improved understanding of the functioning of the organism (dysfunctions/resources) and to adopt responsible use of one’s own body from. The goal is to restore, maintain, or promote health and very often the pain reduction.

Do You Know Electrotherapy Plays An Important Role In Muscular System?

Electrotherapy, Applications on the muscular system.

Electrotherapy, Applications on the muscular system. We understand electrotherapy to the study of the therapeutic applications of electricity. The branch from physical therapy that uses electrical current to flow through part or all of the body for healing purposes. The electricity may have therapeutic applications on the muscular system. Provocation is performed artificial muscle contractions interrupted by a stream or an alternating current, to pursue different therapeutic targets such as denervation or muscle strengthening.

The complete or partial denervation of muscle fibers, our focus is on “normalizing” the muscle, or on the contrary we hypertrophy (increased mass) in the case of muscle innervation is normal. In any case, the most important goals we seek are muscle toning, improved blood flow, recovery of muscle tenderness, obtaining information from the electrical excitability of nerve and muscle fibers, delay or prevention of muscle atrophy, prevention of muscle fibrosis, muscle stretching, and even muscle relaxation.

This muscle stimulation therapy has risks that must be prescribed by your attending physician and performed by a qualified certificate. There are many real risks to stimulate muscles through electrical current. One of them is the damage to the tendon. In the case of using low-frequency, alternating currents run the risk of heart rhythm disturbance or unpleasant also how these currents due to the slow transition from one stage to another. On the other hand, also affect the passage of interceptors (pain) inhibits the spinal cord and result in the sensation of pain. Muscle stimulation should never be Dorolisa. El surge force and contractions that are generated by electrical stimulation can damage the connective tissue.


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