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NIVEDHA DILIP, Pro Physiotherapy center near me, Bangalore.
Sports Physiotherapist, Bangalore.

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists are associated with the avoidance and the management of injuries coming about because of sports and exercise interest at all ages and at all degrees of capacity. These specific physiotherapists give evidence-based counsel with respect to safe cooperation in sports and exercise.

Dr. Nivedha Dilip is highly qualified with a post-graduate degree in the related field (Master of Science: Sport And Exercise Medicine, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, United Kingdom. And she is well experienced to handle all the sports-related injuries and designing sports-specific conditioning programs. She is one of the best sports physiotherapist s in Bangalore who is creating a good name in the field of sports physiotherapy.

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Fitness Instructor
Zumba Instructor
Boot Camp Instructor
Bosu Ball Instructor
Les Mills RPM Instructor
Les Mills Body-Pump Instructor
State Level Basketball Player
Work History
Current Fitness Instructor, Bangalore, Karnataka
Group Fitness Instructor
Fit Lab, Bangalore, Karnataka
Bachelor Of Physiotherapy(BPT)
Certificate Course: NDS WORKSHOP
Kinesio Prehab Institute – Bangalore
Les Mills RPM Certification
Apple Fitness – Bangalore
Boot Camp Certification
We Fitness – Bangalore
Bosu Ball Certification
We Fitness – Bangalore, Zumba Certification: Zumba Fitness
Tribe Fitness – Bangalore
Master of Science: Sport And Exercise Medicine
Leeds Beckett University – Leeds, United Kingdom

Certificate Course: Kinesio IASTM
Kinesio Prehab Institute – Bangalore
Certificate Course: Fit For Birth
Kinesio Prehab Institute – Bangalore.Nivedha-Dilip-Bangalore--sports-physiotherapist-pro-physiotherapy

Pro Physiotherapy center near me, Bangalore provides scientific, evidence-based treatment to new immerging sportsmen, professional and non-professional individuals. Pro Physiotherapy has facilities for scientific assessment, conditioning, and training and Physiotherapy facilities.

  • Physiological Testing and monitoring.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Planning of scientific, individualized training programs.
  • Biomechanical Assessment.
  • Clinical Physiotherapy facilities.
  • Strength and conditioning classes.
  • Sports Specific, injury-related pre & post-operative rehabilitation.

Our pro Physiotherapy’s scientific approach and intervention will definitely help you to improve your present level of performance and help you to reach your specific needs or goals. – no matter whether you are a professional athlete or not.

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