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physiotherapy-clinic-in-Jayanagar-TENS-THERAPY Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

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 Pain is a warning sign of a disease and if something wrong happening to our body, the body tries to tell us about the wrong things through the pain. It’s the body’s method of telling that something is wrong in our body. One. One way pain is very important to us; without pain sensation abnormal conditions in our body could not be detected and which may cause severe damage or injury to the particular body parts or the whole system. Even though pain is a useful signal to get detected the underlying condition but sometimes severe and/or long-lasting pain serves nothing useful. Doctors at Pro Physiotherapy in Jayanagar provide TENS Therapy.

Physiotherapy in Jayanagar.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Jayanagar for TENS Therapy.

You can not feel until a coded signal reaches the brain where it is stimulated, analyzed, and then gives reaction and that reaction from the brain in the form of pain in that affected area. The pain sensation travels from the area of injury through the small-diameter nerve fibers to the spinal cord, there it’s traveling or alter to different nerves that travel to the brain through the spinal cord. In the brain’s area called PAG (periaqueductal area of gray matter), the pain signal gets interpreted and again refer back to the affected area and we feel pain.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is physiotherapy equipment for pain relief that uses low voltage electrical current to stimulate the large-diameter nerve fibers for therapeutic purposes.  A TENS unit is a  battery-powered electrotherapy machine that passes electrical impulses through some electrodes on the surface of your skin.

Physiotherapists mainly use the TENS to reduce the pain along with other modalities and techniques as a part of a treatment. After TENS if it gives a good effect that it will last 2 to 4 hours or sometimes more. But along with TENS physiotherapists gives a variety of exercises, joint mobilization, to improve symptoms and functionality of the patient.

One can find the Pro Physiotherapy in Jayanagar.

TENS works on the pain gait mechanism where the stimulation of the TENS machine blocks the small-diameter nerve fibers which carry the pain messages to the brain that the body is experiencing pain. It also stimulates the brain to produce the body’s own natural painkilling hormones known as endorphins. The TENS signal is perceived as stronger than the pain signal being produced by the body, it effectively blocks the pain signal from traveling along nerves to the brain. Most clients find that high-frequency treatments produce the quickest relief from pain, as well as providing several hours of relief after the treatment. TENS Therapy at Pro Physiotherapy clinic in Jayanagar.

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