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Specialty practitioners who often refer to physical therapy include:

sports injury

1. Sports Injury Prevention and Healing

Sports Injury
We have provided sports injury-specific physiotherapy treatment to individuals of all athletic levels since we opened our clinic. You are at the heart of our patient-centered therapeutic care programs.



2. Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at home is hassle-free. A physiotherapist will come to your home for one-on-one assessment and treatment. No traffic, no uncooperative weather, no waiting rooms.
Pro Physiotherapy, Home Physiotherapy is a locally owned and operated private physiotherapy service committed to offering you quality care in the comfort and privacy of your own home.



3. Stroke Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Welcome to Pro Physiotherapy for a complete course of exercises for stroke patients, where we will cover every muscle group from toe to head. In Stroke, Physiotherapy plays an important part in the process of rehabilitation.
Physiotherapy for Stroke. 


spinal stenosis

4. Spinal Rehabilitation

Pro Physiotherapy offers research-based techniques for spine rehabilitation. Lakhs of Indians are adversely affected by spine-related problems every year.
Pro Physiotherapy Spine Care provides cutting-edge services to combat this escalating health care issue.



5. Wrist and Hand Physiotherapy

Wrist and Hand Physical Therapy

Therapists can become certified specialists and focus a majority of their


6. Paediatric Rehabilitation

Paediatric physical therapy, infant foot.
Pediatric physical therapy at Pro Physiotherapy focuses on the treatment of diagnoses specific to the pediatric population.


ankle, fracture, foot

7. Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Operation
The success of your surgery depends on your surgeon and your physical therapist after your surgery. In hospital post-surgery, you may be provided with simple physiotherapy exercises to minimize complications such as DVT’s or lung infections and to avoid initial weakness. 

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8. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Parkinson's Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease or PD is among the most common of neurological disorders found among the elderly. Please note that this doesn’t mean that middle aged or even younger people cannot develop this condition. However, Parkinson’s disease’s prevalence is largely limited to the older segment of the population. This also makes diagnosing PD rather difficult. This is because many of the old age symptoms are quite similar to the typical symptoms of neurological disorders like PD. This includes excessive tremor-like sensation in various parts of the body and postural problems. The affected individual is likely to suffer from increased heart rate when taking upon the slightest of physical activities, bradykinesia and decreased stimulus acuity.

Most of these symptoms are likely to be interpreted as anxiety or other old-age conditions like weakness of the bones or a gradual decrease in neurological acuity rather than neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease. In some patients of PD, the symptoms can worsen beyond healthcare management. This happens when PD affects multiple systems of the body and induces palsy and gradual dissemination of existing neural pathways. This condition is also called Parkinsonism. Such type of neurological disorders rarely happen secondary to other causes but PD due to manganese poisoning has been archived. Such rare neurological disorders are referred to as accidental neurological disorders, i.e. accidental Parkinson’s Disease.
We, Pro Physiotherapy providing physiotherapy for the patients those who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease



9. Osteopathy

( We will provide osteopathy service soon)

Osteopathy is a comprehensive approach that focuses on the interactions between the different musculoskeletal, visceral, fascial, membranous, cranial, nervous, and endocrine systems.



Stroke Rehabilitation

10. Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric physiotherapy is a specialty within the field of physical therapy that focuses on the aging population.

Therapists at Pro Physiotherapy, Bangalore specializing in this area of practice typically have added knowledge and experience meeting the unique needs of the elderly population.




12. Rehabilitation for Neurological Disease

Global healthcare organizations like the World Health Organization have underlined the seriousness of Neurological Disorders. These are among the hardest-to-treat and diagnose of all medical conditions and their prevalence extends across the entire world. All neurological disorders are essentially healthcare conditions caused by problems in the body’s nervous system. The human nervous system is rather complex presenting an array of structural configurations, many of which haven’t been fully decoded even in today’s age of progressive scientific research. However, it has been established that the nervous systems uses a number of electrical circuits and biochemical reactions to control various aspects of the human body. The nerves extending from the brain and those surrounding the spinal cord form the core of the human nervous system and the slightest of problems in these nerves can cause serious damage, resulting in the occurrence of symptoms that are defined as Neurological Disorders. The most manifestations of neurological disease include:

Paralysis-can be partial or complete

Muscle weakness-causing uncoordinated movements or inability to perform simple actions

Poor cognitive abilities

Loss of sensation-partial or complete

Seizures-of various types, including those that are life-threatening

Mental in coordination-causing confusion or reading, writing and learning difficulties

Unexplained pain-where the cause of pain is referred to as ‘psychological’

Compromised Consciousness-causing decreased alertness

Many types of neurological disorders have been established and are universally known while some are still under medical investigation. It is quite difficult to recognize the onset of neurological disorders and this explains why most patients are able to seek treatment only when the condition has progressed into a serious healthcare problem. The common path to diagnosing neurological disorders is conducting a series of neurological examinations. Today, various specialties of Neurology are dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from neurological disorders. Thus, specialized units such as Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology have been established in healthcare settings.

Please note that there are very few medications that can provide absolute relief form symptoms induced by neurological problems. The most difficult part of treating neurological disorders is ensuring proper dosing so as not to upset the vital balance among the various chambers of the brain that produce different neurotransmitters. Again, different neurological medications react differently in the blood-brain barrier.

Many times, neurological disorders are dubbed as mental disorders or retardation but these are all actually symptoms of a problem in the functioning of the nervous system. Even today, a clear demarcation for defining every kind of neurological problems has not been established. Most of the medications in this niche, whether mainstream or alternative care meds, provide a gradual but restricted relief from symptoms. Most neurological disorder patients need extended support in terms of family help, counseling and regular visits to their consulting neurologist to ensure that they are treated in a more comprehensive manner.

An integral part of such treatment plans is Preventative Intervention. This includes lifestyle changes and undertaking physiotherapy classes or group counseling sessions. Many clinical facilities have established specialized units for such patients that are referred to as Neuro-rehabilitation centers. Such specialties are better equipped to treat symptoms like extreme pain or digestive problems that have a neurological origin. Among the more serious cases, the help of a neurosurgeon might be required, i.e. when surgical intervention is the
only option.
We Pro Physiotherapy has a great team of neuro expert physiotherapists to give a better rehabilitation.

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13. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy & Rehab

Orthopedic physiotherapy in Pro Physiotherapy is a section of the profession that specifically focuses on the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.




14. Medical equipment training.

For prevention, we offer our fitness equipment (equipment from MKB-System) for training on a 10- session card or monthly card. After purchasing the 10-pass card, you can use our devices for 10 days without any time limit. With a monthly ticket, you can train several times a week for one month or more. 


15.Comprehensive Gait Analysis


We currently offer this treatment at our clinics.  Please check back soon as we will explain this treatment more fully here.



16. Device Supported Physiotherapy

The device-supported physiotherapy serves to improve or normalize muscle strength, strength endurance, everyday-specific load tolerance, as well as functional movement sequences and activities in daily life.


chiropractic adjustment in pro physiotherapy clinic bangalore

17.Chiropractic Adjustment


( We are going to start chiropractic service very soon & we will update here)

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