Exercise Programs

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Exercise Programs

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To keep your recovery faster exercises have to be done in-clinic and we prepare a customized exercise chart for home exercises so that you can perform those exercises smoothly in your home.
We provide an exercise chart with pictures, descriptions of the exercises and pictures and the prescription ( weights, resistance bands, repetitions, sets, etc) We send you an exercise chart and exercise prescriptions to your WhatsApp number and also email to you for permanent record. We at Pro Physiotherapy Clinic provides at-home physiotherapy for post-surgical and stroke rehabilitation. Search in google Pro physiotherapist near me not fizio therapy or just call 8951022334 to book an appointment for home care physiotherapy. During your physiotherapy exercise sessions in the clinic, you should do this exercise at home again to get better results. If you have confusion to perform these exercises at home, you can follow the hand sheet chart with pictures, or we will send you videos of your exercise, you can follow and perform the exercises

Search us as Pro Physiotherapy in google not Pro fizio therapy for Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapy.
To get a faster recovery you should perform all the exercises at home very religiously. Home exercise very very important to get good results. If you are active is really very good and it is the best time to push yourself to do harder, try next-level exercises or start different exercises to keep yourself healthy. When we work long hours in front of the computer or our job needs to sit or stand for long hours, we must have to do a certain type of stretching exercises and mild to moderate type of strengthening exercises to avoid any conditions like back pain, neck pain, heel pain, knee pain or shoulder pain, myofascial syndrome, overuse injuries. Don’t worry if you don’t know what are the exercises you have to do. Contact Pro Physiotherapy not fizio therapy, call 8951022334 for any assistance regarding your exercise-related queries. Pro physiotherapy also provides at-home physiotherapy for TKR & ACL Rehabilitation. A normal person should do a minimum of 150 to 160 hours of moderate exercises in a week ( including aerobic, stretching, and mild strengthening ) to keep himself/herself healthy or at least 70 -80 hours of vigorous aerobic exercises in a week. If you can do more you will definitely get better results. Even older adults should do some exercises regularly to keep themself healthy. senior citizens should do at least 2.5 to 3 hours of moderate aerobic exercises in a week ( for example brisk walking) or an elderly person should do 1.15 hours of vigorous exercises like jogging in a week. To do regular exercise you keep yourself healthy and enjoy your life independent for a longer time as age progresses.
Regular exercises and maintaining active life helps to reduce the risk of some diseases and disabilities later in life. so it has long term benefits as you become older. Studies show that in some cases exercises are a very effective treatment in chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes. In this kind of chronic condition, people get very good benefits by doing regular exercise. Exercise also helps people who have hypertension, balance and coordination problem, or walking difficulties.

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