Technique frequently utilized by physiotherapists in the treatment of their patients

Manipulation is a technique frequently utilized by physiotherapists in the treatment of their patients. It involves a “skillful high velocity low amplitude thrust of either a spinal joint (neck, mid back, low back or pelvis) or peripheral joint (ie. wrist, ankle, elbow)”. Often there is a click/pop associated. For many patients the research strongly supports physiotherapy manipulation as an integral component in the management of their musculoskeletal disorder. Pro Physiotherapy also provides services which includes Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapist.

Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapist.

Manipulation is a treatment technique within the practice of manual therapy. A manipulation is a passive, high velocity, low amplitude thrust applied to a joint beyond its physiological limit of motion, but within its anatomical limit, with the intent to restore optimal motion, function and/or reduce pain.

Manipulation as part of a multi modal treatment for selected patients and for specific conditions after determining that manipulation is the optimal treatment choice. They conduct a thorough assessment of their patient prior to beginning treatment, including a screen for known identifiable conditions that may preclude the use of manipulation in specific patients.

Physiotherapists advise their patients of the risks associated with the use of manipulation and obtain informed consent to treatment in accordance with provincial legislation governing their practice. Clients are routinely reassessed following a manipulation and treatment is continued, modified, or discontinued based on the results of this evaluation, and when indicators for manipulation and/or established treatment goals are met.Queries related to Physiotherapy contact Pro Physiotherapy as they provide services which include Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapist.

Some potential effects of manipulation include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Improved functional outcome

The vast majority of patients will be provided with an exercise program after the manipulation to maintain the benefits of the technique and allow for a progression toward independently managing their condition. Pro Physiotherapy provides services such as Stroke and Post Surgical Physiotherapist.

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