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What We Do
Functional Pro Physiotherapy Clinic is a sports physiotherapy , pain management and geriatric rehabilitation clinic that specializes in treating patients with soft tissue, sports-, work-, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, knee replacement, joint pain, muscular weakness due to age or accident-related injuries. We take a hands-on approach and use biomechanical problem-solving skills to help our patients regain range of motion and independence and return to their regular routines following an injury. We help restore mobility and range of motion, work on endurance and strengthening and address movement dysfunctions.

We provide a variety of other services, including electrotherapy, dry needling and exercise programs. We’re happy to work with your schedule and can schedule evening and weekend appointments or home visits. We treat patients of all ages.

If you have an injury and you’re ready to resolve the problem and return to your normal routine, we can help! Give us a call today! We look forward to working with you.
Our most talented physiotherapists are :


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Nivedha Dilip

MSc. Sports and exercise medicine(United Kingdom) BPT

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Dr. Rangoli Tripathi(PT)

Bachelor in Physiotherapy(Manipal)
Certified in Cardiopulmonary 

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Bontha Sumanjali,

Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT)

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Dr. Dinesh Dharmalingam, PT

BPT, MPT ( Orthopedic)

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Dr Manjunath Bhatt,



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M Roman Laskar

Diploma in Physiotherapy.
Bachelor of physiotherapy (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences) Bangalore.

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