Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Exercises that a patient may due prior to their surgery

Pre-Hab refers to the exercises that a patient may due prior to their surgery. The exercises are done before the surgery to enhance the recovery period from the surgery. Hip and knee replacements have such programs.Top Physiotherapist in Bangalore – Pro Physiotherapy.

Top Physiotherapist in Bangalore.

Rehabilitation a set of measures that assist individuals who experience, or are likely to experience, disability to achieve and maintain optimal functioning in interaction with their environments”. A distinction is sometimes made between habilitation, which aims to help those who acquire disabilities congenitally or early in life to develop maximal functioning; and rehabilitation, where those who have experienced a loss in function are assisted to regain maximal functioning.Pro Physiotherapy is the Top Physiotherapist in Bangalore.

Rehabilitation outcomes are the benefits and changes in the functioning of an individual over time that are attributable to a single measure or set of measures. Traditionally, rehabilitation outcome measures have focused on the individual’s impairment level. More recently, outcomes measurement has been extended to include individual activity and participation outcomes.

Most orthopedic surgeons who operate on joints or repair, re-construct and/or replace joints have post-operative (after surgery) detailed week by week exercise protocols. The surgeon wants these exercises and increases in activity followed each week.
Pro physiotherapy has most of the surgeons protocols as well as those from the world renown surgeons published in the literature. This includes the protocols for shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee and ankle surgeries. Our patients appear to progress uneventfully through these protocols.Pro Physiotherapy is the Top Physiotherapist in Bangalore.
Pro physiotherapists tries to educate the patient to be able to do the exercises with weekly or bi-weekly progress appointments so they can do a lot of their exercises at home.
At time, protocols will last for months. The slow, gradual, uneventful progression is needed to have the best and lasting results.


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